Friday, October 24, 2008

So I ask myself "Why are you in love with a fictional vegetarian vampire?"

I would first and foremost like to dedicate this blog posting to my dear friends Amy and Terri, who have been loyal not only to me but to our fictional dreamboat of a Vampire, Edward Cullen.

The Twilight Series has taken over my life and it's driving me crazy! These silly books about Vampires which are intended for an audience of 12-17 year old girls have not only sucked me in but other's in their mid-20's too! I am not alone in this. Usually when I'm with my girlfriend Amy, we do not talk about our lives, we talk about Edward! In the words of my happily married friend, "Why am I having an emotional affair with a fictional Vampire?".

We know it's silly, we know he isn't real (sigh), we know their is no man on this Earth that is like Edward (Guys, it's not your fault you don't Sparkle when you walk out into the Sun) but still I actually get butterflies when I read about him or honestly.....think about him! (YIKES!). You may think we are crazy, but that's only because you don't know Edward like we do.

Yes, we will be there with all the teenie-boppers at the midnight showing of "Twilight" (21 days and counting) in our matching t-shirts that say "I like my men cold, dead and sparkling" and will sit in awe and admire our sweet, vegetarian fictional vampire.

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Terri said...

Jen, I am CRACKING UP!!!! Seriously!! I wish I could fly in to go see it!!! I'm going to have to go by myself - or drag Chuck kicking and screaming!