Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Red Wine and Benadryl don't Mix

This is not a posting of how disappointed I am in the election (although I am) or how I will now stand behind my country and pray for President-elect Obama (although I will), this is purely to tell you of a discovery I had last night: Red Wine and Benadryl don't Mix! Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I was not awake to see Obama sweep the electoral votes, win the popular vote and make his acceptance speech because I was passed out!

Even though I did not watch most of the election results hoop-lah, I did learn quite a bit. I made the following discoveries: I am now under a party that believes busing in lazy bums from the projects is a fair and balanced way to win the election; the black panthers have risen and are now going to show us "whiteys" who's boss; and you shouldn't mix red wine and benadryl.

Well....on the bright side I am a poor single female in my 20's and hopefully I will benefit from his tax breaks! Who knows....maybe I'll quit my job, get on welfare and sign up for universal health benefits. That's looking pretty good right coworkers are ticking me off this morning.

Kenya has now declared Nov. 4th a national holiday for Obama winning. I think we should too...I'm always up for taking the day off.

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