Monday, March 9, 2009

If I was back in High School....

If I were back in High School I would be.....
.....just waking up from my 2 hour nap to the smell of my mother starting on dinner downstairs
.....beginning my preparation to watch re-runs of the Real World Las Vegas followed by Laguna Beach.
.....drinking my 3rd regular coke (no, no NOT diet) of the afternoon whilst munching on a bag of Cooler Ranch Doritos while wondering if my size 2 jeans feel a little tight today.
....already making big plans for the weekend with my girlfriends and discussing who's wearing what...who's doing who...and who broke up with who.
.....amazed at how my room is magically clean. (Clueless to the fact of my mother who is making up my bed behind me. while I am on AOL IM on the computer).

But, I'm no longer in High School. I am sitting at my desk, counting down the minutes until 5. I am tired, stressed, in need of a drink, and to be honest.....I need to go #2. I forgot to put deodorant on today and I am making myself want to gag. I cleaned my car this weekend for the first time in MONTHS and now its going to rain tomorrow. I have bills I don't want to pay, an apartment I don't want to clean and an ex-husband who "doesn't want to see me" not even to do our taxes!! So as I sit here drinking my Diet Coke, because the calories in a regular coke would only increase the muffin top that is hanging over my size 4 pants, I think to myself.....I wish I were back in high school!
(On the bright side, my sweet boyfriend sent me my favorite flowers to work and that can make any bad day better!).