Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Randomness of the Weekend

I don't have a particular blog topic for you today. No deep insight, that I'm sure all of you yearn for week after week. I'm not going to talk about my bowel system (or Mark's), or about "divorce recovery" which I'm sure you are ALL tired of hearing about...listen I'm tired of it too, (but I can't guarantee it wont come up again).....just some little "randoms" from the weekend.

So I went home to see my Dad this past weekend-- In case you don't know, he was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and had it removed last week. He was in some pain but doing great! Nothing but good news on that end. Also, the past weekend was my grandparents 57th wedding anniversary. Damn....I couldn't make it to my three year wedding anniversary but they can make it 57 years? I love my Pop, but he doesn't do a thing to help my grandma except take the credit for everything she does and provide comic relief to the family members who sit on the sidelines snickering. If she cooks dinner, he will try and take the credit for it which will lead to a response from my grandma along the lines of "Bue, I could count on one hand what you did today and still have 5 fingers left over". Although, they moan and groan....I mean 57 years? People hardly make it to seven years let alone 57.....The mentality of our grandparents generation of the importance of commitment and "sticking it out" is slowly fading. It's scary to wonder how many of 'us' will be able to show our grandchildren the example of marriage we have been given.

Something I've also observed this past weekend, is I believe a family member of mine (you will soon know who you are) has Jerry Sienfield syndrome. You know......they ALWAYS find something wrong with any person of the opposite sex forcing them into singled om. Either, they have "man hands" or their belly button talks or they are naked too much....always something. I have a very close girlfriend of mine that suffers from Jerry Sienfield syndrome as well (you know who you are as well!). Just remember....the show ended and Jerry STILL was not married.

I also eat WAY too much when I go home. What is it with Southern Families? They always feel the need to "fatten you up" before they send you on your way. I come in to Mont Belvieu in skinny jeans and leave in sweatpants and 3 lbs heavier....the chicken n dumplings and dressing made it worth it though...Yummm!

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