Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where was I When our Relationship Reached this Level?

Mark and I have been dating for almost 8 months now. Our relationship has definitely progressed from when we were first together. For example, I actually let him sit on the same couch as me now. The first time I went to Mark's house, he asked if he could come sit on the same couch as me. My response? "Yes....IF you stay on YOUR SIDE of the couch". Needless to say, we often share the same side of the couch now. :)

I know there are natural progressions in relationships. Where the comfort level rises and you feel more "at home" with the other person. Slowly walls begin to come down-- You don't ALWAYS have to have make-up on and your hair fixed; you can order that medium-rare bacon cheeseburger rather than a Chicken Cesar Salad when you are at dinner; you're no longer embarrassed for them to know that you haven't worn a pair of matching socks since your mom did your laundry or allowing them actually try food that you cook, even though you know it has a 76% chance of tasting like cat food.

But WHEN did we reach this new "forbidden" level we have reached??! How did we reach this so quickly? Can we EVER go back? Is there any hope for the way we were? Where was I when our relationship reached........the "toot"? You know--air biscuits, the big stinky, one cheek sneak, pooting, cutting the cheese, ripping one, farting, flatulence, laying an egg. OH Mark, WHY oh WHY did you open this door!?!? We have now reached a new atmosphere in our relationship that is much stinker than the one we were in before.


Mark said...

Oh Jen -- you know it wasn't me - -it was that weasel badger ever-peeing wiener dog thingy you call Huck. Always blame it on the dog -- you know that! Besides...have you smelled your feet lately??

Lambards said...

Ha! I love Mark's comment!

I think Wes and I reached this lovely stage of our relationship at... 5 months in! And he hasn't stopped tooting his horn since!!