Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dirty Little Secret

Okay...I think I'm finally ready to admit I have a serious problem. A very dirty side to me that has been apart of me for as long as I can remember. It started in childhood, around 3 years old. My nanny/housekeeper did this to me;she is to blame. After countless friends, roommates, parental units, a husband, and a new boyfriend have brought this to my attention...I must face the facts: I AM A SLOB....Mounds of clothes pile up in each corner of my room; my closet has more clothes on the ground than on hangers; stacks of unpaid or paid (I'm not sure) bills are scattered across my dining room table and make up is scattered from one end of my bathroom to another.

Ever notice how hard it is to acknowledge the truth. Even if it's a truth you've always known...just never admitted? Although, the peroxide from my fake blond hair has soaked into my scalp,traveled down to my brain and caused a few 'blond moments' --I'm not a complete idiot. I have two eyes...I see the chaotic plethora of disorganized madness I call my life. It's always worked for me though...I mean, it has come in handy on more than one occasion the fact that I have about 3 pairs of shoes and at least one change of clothes in my car.

Had a Huge fight with the bf this morning....over what? --My inability to keep a living facility clean. He gives me a call....saying this has been bothering him for a long time and then has an explosion mouth diarrhea over how my mess affects his life. Now of course, natural tendency of mine--I throw up the dukes, get into defense mode ready to battle it out. My rebuttal? -You are grumpy, you are mean, you are a clean-freak, "if you don't like who I am, then why are you with me"? But as I have sat here person tells you something, it might not be true but if a zillion people tell you the same thing?? -Dang gurl, you best be listenen to dat!!

So many people (including myself) are convinced they shouldn't have to change. Having the mind set I am who I am, 'love it or leave it'. But why do we do this? Are we not suppose to strive to be better--especially as Christians. Sure, it hurts my pride for someone to pick out a flaw in doesn't 'feel' good but how do our flaws hurt the ones around us. Why should they have to pick up the slack for where we fail. Don't get me wrong, I think this it what family and friends are for...they pick you up when you are carry the load you can't carry yourself....for a season in life. That's where I have missed the boat. I usually just think, yeah I'm messy but my mom is SUPER clean.....she must enjoy cleaning. Or, Mark has a clean house and magically it stays that way, even when I'm there...I wonder if there is a laundry fairy living there (yeah right!)? But that's not fair to them. I have to do better, be better to them. I need to show respect for others and not let my tolerance of clutter infect their sterile little worlds....I will do better!

I wish there was a college course in Tidiness 101. Any suggestions for easy or fun ways to keep clean? Stay organized? I need help people!!


wetherell said...

oh Jenn, this is funny. I just organize my mess everyday when I get home, so it doesnt pile up..... but I also believe we all have our time when live just gets crazy and cleaning is the last thing on the list. Good luck!!!!! You can do it!!!!

kelsey said...

That is exactly how I used to be about being overweight...

I convinced myself that "some people are athletic, and some people aren't and you should accept that I'm just not one of those fit people!"

Then I realized I was just being lazy... and fat... but mostly lazy. I feel so much more in control now. :D


Terri said...

You always make me laugh! I love it!! I used to be a messy person too until recently (although I think I am nesting right now so that helps...)...BUT seriously, I just got on a schedule and everynight would just straighten up one room for 30 min. Try it...ALSO - the bills - oh the bills! I am in charge of all of them and I bought a cute little spiral and call it my "House NotebooK". I tuck all my bills in there and make a page for each month..write the amoutn of the bill down, the due date..and then check it is kept me sane since Jan.

Hope you can make it to my shower! I want to see you!!! Wait - I think I am waiting on your address! What is it??!!

Kimberly said...

I'll come over and organize and we can do 20 loads of laundry if that's what it takes :)

angelareid said...

I wish I could be your laundry fairy! I could be a help to you and laundry makes me feel a real sense of accomplishment. I know, that's weird. Laundry is my thing, but other kinds of clutter consume me. I have no idea how to clean a house! The Reids enjoyed spending time with y'all this weekend. I'll read your blog if you'll read mine!(Ha!) and you can also click on Kellen's blog from mine!