Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why do Men become Freaks in Airports??

I had my first Las Vegas experience a few weeks ago. I flew out to meet Mark for a mini-vacation and had a blast tearing up the town. Sin City was engulfed with Freaks and frenzies and I was able to witness (and participate) in some of the madness. But of all the craziness I witnessed during my actual vacation in Las Vegas, the freaks and frenzie I observed from the male species in the airport topped them all.

After my last visit to the airport, I have come to the conclusion that the airport turns men into horny hormone-driven hound dogs. I flew solo to Las Vegas to meet Mark and had more men attempt to look down my shirt than when I returned to school after the summer of my sophomore year with two great big new surprises (I was a late bloomer). And these are not greasy slimy men who are Platinum members of 1-800-hotchick4u....these are men in business suites; men with their girlfriends; wholesome Rosy cheeked dads and grandpas (gag).

The Male Species with their glazed over eyes, check their couth and reason along with their baggage and proceed to roam the halls of the airport in search of some flesh to ogle over. I was sitting up against a post in the airport reading a magazine and a man literally stopped in front of me and proceeded to stand there staring at me. I looked up, made eye contact, rolled my eyes and began reading my magazine in hopes of him getting the hint--didn't work. I look up again, roll my eyes, look back down--still nothing. Finally, after me saying "What the hell are you looking at?" the zombie man temporarily came back to reality and walked away in search of some more eye candy.

I know what my mother is thinking...."Well, you were probably wearing something inappropriate". NOT TRUE. I actually didn't look that great at all. I had a long day a work, followed by a 2 1/2 hour delay at the airport and a greasy cheeseburger that had left a giant kethcup stain down my sleeve and grease secreting from my pores.

On the way back from Las Vegas, since I was with Mark, I made the conclusion that this would solve the problem. Hypothesis--incorrect! Sure, they were slightly more discrete in their attempts to get a good visual but none the less, still creepy and automaton.

Listen guys, yes women like to be glanced at...hey, even give us a second look but DON'T be so obvious. It's annoying, it's gross and you look like an idiot.

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Stuart said...

Well Jennifer, I guess in Vegas, after a lot of alcohol and the sun baking the brain, that any guy will be really stupid in the airport to get a good glance. But I love reading your blog, I hope everything is going alright for you.