Friday, May 29, 2009

Hucky hates my Honey

Hucky-bear (my dog) has been the love of my life for three years and especially spoiled to this adoration from me post divorce. He has shared my bed, shared my food and at times been the snuggle partner for me on sad days. I have allowed my dog to get away with murder out of guilt that I took him from his home with a nice backyard and a playmate (sweet Bella) to alone in an apartment with just snotty ole' me.

Times have changed and Huckster is no longer the only man in my life--now enters Mark. Mark- a nice but firm man that believes animals have their place and that's NOT on the couch or sitting in your lap at the dinner table. Mark--a man that doesn't find Huck's weak bladder to be endearing. Mark--a bit of an antagonist that thinks it's funny to see Huck squirm and will do this by sneaking up behind him and yelling boo or making faces at him behind my back.

This has gotten so bad that the other day Mark made Huck so nervous, that he crapped and peed...AT THE SAME TIME. You have to be one terrified pup to loose control of your entire bowel system. Now, in Mark's defense Huck is such a sissy. I should dress him up in a tutu and put a tiara on his head....but regardless it makes me sad that they cannot get along.

All this has caused a rival between the two. Huck despises Mark and I'm starting to notice I think Mark feels the same. I don't really know what to do. I love them both....any suggestions?

How do I make the two important men in my life get along???

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