Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Rice Cake

I filled up for all of about two seconds this morning on a Rice Cake. It tasted just like flavored Styrofoam, but looked so pretty with its Carmel colored swirls and airy nature. 50 calories of heaven was about to be eaten...right??? WRONG,

Rice Cakes are evil and now I hate them. Starving does not even begin to describe how I feel right now and I know that the nasty fluffy Carmel plastic intensified my hunger. I still have about an hour and half until lunch, and I plan on eating something terribly unhealthly like a cheeseburger with bacon and tater tots.....yummm yummm.

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Anonymous said...

They were my rice cakes and they are yummy and they taste just like baby angels and I love them and I miss them and I find them filling and quite nutritious and healthy and a great source of sustenance and I'm grateful for them and they are organic and you took the last two I owned and now I will murder your dog.
Gee, I must be hungry too...