Friday, June 12, 2009

Feminist are Ugly

There I said it. I'm sure I'll have a group of irate butchish women picketing outside my house (go for it you'd last 5 minutes in my ghetto neighborhood) but it's true. 95% of feminist I have come into contact with has been completely unattractive--stringy haired, over-weight, bad skin, and border-line unacceptable hygiene. Hence, they become a feminist. My theory is women who can't get love from a man or didn't get enough from their daddy become feminist and now their screwing it up for the rest of us. (Listen, you gotta let go of the fact that you weren't nominated for homecoming court and we were).

The feminist movement is a complete disaster for the male/female relationship. The gender roles have gotten so screwed up and contorted men don't know how to act like men and women don't know how to act like women. This is why we have straight men who are 'prettier' than I am. I mean what the hell, guys--why don't you spend less time perfecting the spikes in your hair and lubing up with self-tanner and go fix a toilet or something?? And we have these women that are impossible to love due to their constant bickering over how 'pig-headed' men are and how superior women are. Honey, you will never land a good man with an attitude like that.

I got into a big discussion on facebook today on whether or not traditional dating is dying out. Well, they say chivalry is dead but I refuse to believe it. I'm a freakin pretty, pretty princess dang it! And this princess will settle for nothing less. For instance, "going dutch" is not in my vocabulary. Seriously, are you kidding me?! My personal belief is since we have to one day try to push a watermelon through a lemon-sized hole, I deserve free meals for life. Besides, it's a known fact that men make more money than women. I'm okay with that and refuse to complain because it all evens out in the end for me.
Listen, I have a good self-esteem and am told often of how "vain" I am. But what the heck is wrong with a good self-esteem? Isn't that why we tell our children how great they are? My father treated me like I was a princess and a princess I have become. I know my worth; I know I'm smart; I know I'm pretty....but I don't need to trump a man to prove it.

Men need to feel like men and women need to feel like women. Why are we trying to steal that from each other? I almost guarantee that if these 'feminist' had a good man that understood his role, they wouldn't mind being 'taken care of'. Besides, being a good wife is a very hard job. You SHOULD cook for your husband; You SHOULD put make-up on, stay in shape and keep him attracted to you; You SHOULD have his children and if being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen is a part of that, I don't see anything wrong with it (although when I'm pregnant instead of cooking, I'll be barefoot hoovering over the sink eating left over Chinese food). This is why 50% of marriages end in divorce. People have thrown away the traditional gender roles in relationships and frankly, without them...a marriage has a hard time surviving.


Jayne said...

Loved reading this! Would make a great editorial!! Newspapers love controversial pieces.

Anonymous said...

I understand where you are coming from, but just to give you a different perspective on the issue...

I don't think all women you are referring to would necessarily consider themselves "feminists," nor do I think true feminists view themselves unworthy of being loved by man. It seems very simple-minded to label all women you consider feminist as butch.

You seem to have grown up very fortunate and while your father treated you like a "pretty princess" a lot of women didn't have that growing up. I'm not just talking about women with "daddy issues," but a lot of women whose fathers expressed love weren't necessarily spoiled, catered to, and treated like a princess growing up. Most likely they didn't witness this show of pampering from their father toward their mother either. So if this was the case in your home, I'd say you are a fortunate exception.

There's something to be said for chivalry but there's also something to be said for a woman being able to make her own way - alone and without a man. Every woman whose husband treats her like a princess could wake up one day to find that her man has also been treating another woman like a princess, and, while that's no fault of her own, it would serve her well to be able to take care of herself so she can get rid of the cheater.

I'd much rather have an education and a career and a great salary under my belt than know I'm at the mercy of my man who I hope will treat me like a princess until I'm 90. Even if my man were to buy me expensive gifts, it means something to me to know I can buy the same things with my own money.

I do believe men should be chivalrous, but I believe far too many women think it's much easier just to marry rich and be taken care of than make their own way. It's nice to be bought expensive gifts and be wined and dined at expensive restaurants and have your man pay for all your trips, but not every good man is a rich man. There are many, many men in this world who would love to do those things for their wives but they just simply don't have the funds. It doesn't mean they don't love their wife or think she's worthy ... just some are more fortunate than others and can be more extravagant. If a woman getting a Louis Vuitton from her man makes her feel like a worthy princess, more power to her, but I don't think a woman is a butch feminazi if she doesn't expect those same things from a man and can afford her own extravagant purchases.