Sunday, June 14, 2009

In response to the annoymous comment

Why no signature on the comment? Not to say I don't understand what you are saying, but anonymity is a bit cowardly. Based upon your examples, LV purse, trips, restaurants, gift etc. you possess a real or 'perceived' view of me. My definition of chivarly does not necessarily equate with money spent. Now, am I fortunate in that area? Yes, but do I demand it? No. Do I appriciate it? Yes.

How do you make the leap from: 1.) feminism kills gender roles and chivarly (my blog's point), to 2.)I'm spoiled because I was fortunate enough to have a great home life and now have a man who has the desire and ability to treat me well? Chivarly does not equal money spent. Chivarly, in the back drop of traditional gender roles, means a man is free to express the definition as defined in the dictionary, "bravery, nobleness, courtesy and respect for women". This is what my blog was about. My point is, feminism kills that. Feminism does not allow a man to be brave in a relationship.

Listen, I have hours towards a Master's degree, a successful and very well paying job, yet when my man opens a door for me, I don't kick him in the crotch and say, "Do you know who I am? I run payroll for an entire company for goodness sake. I'll open my own damn door, thank you". I allow a man to be a man and I am grateful for those roles. According to my boyfriend (interesting side note) men are ecstatic to be allowed to be a man.

Am I spoiled...yes, good observation. My point is valid and has nothing to do with how much a man spends on a woman. Feminist are fighting a battle that shouldn't be fought. They are emasculating men and ruining it for single women everywhere.

Do I truly think all feminists are ugly? No, but if you are a regualar reader of my blog, you will know the extent of my sarcasm....and the size of my head.

In the Bible, submission to your husband does not mean weakness, nor does it mean powerlessness. In fact, it does not mean inability. Submission is God's acknowledgement that there is an order to the universe that when followed perpetuates success. Submission is a choice.

I was previously married with an attitude of independence. We all see how that turned out. I am learning that when you let a man be a man, they can do a pretty good job.

To my annoymous reader, reveal yourself and I'll take you to the next Louis Vuitton trunk show at Neimans, where we can sip on mimosas and talk about this futher...all on my man's credit card..mind you. :)


Amber Rawlings said...

hahah holy cow u are freaking hilarious. i love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Just count your blessings, honey, and don't be so quick to judge other people because they aren't as fortunate as you or because they don't share your views of being taken care of. Many women simply don't have the same opportunities you have and are forced to pay their own bills, buy their own things and take care of their kids alone. There aren't a lot of women who have a wealthy Casanova fall into their laps and rescue them from the horrors of having to sweat out a year or two in a "ghetto" neighborhood. If living in a less than luxurious apartment is the worst that happens to you post-divorce, you're doing great.

You might have a sarcastic way about you, but a little humilty would go along way - especially considering how much you tout your Christianity. It gives Christians a bad name.

JPO said...

No, it's not the worst thing that has happend to me post-divorce. You actually have no idea what has happend to me--like the night I slept in my car in a parking lot because I had absolutely no place to go. It may be a ghetto apartment and I may make fun of it, but I thank God every day that I have a place to live. Driving around for a month with every belonging I owned packed in my car DID give me humilty; my family basically wanting nothing to do with me other than to tell me how disapointed they were in me; my husband had me replaced 5 minutes after walking out the door. Listen, I am thankful for my life, and would NEVER judge someone less fortunate. Once again, you went to the money when I said it had nothing to do with money. You obviously dont know me and my heart. So do me a favor and stop reading my blog.

Mark said...


Okay, I finished the laundry, got our clothes from the cleaners, walked your dog, made the bed, prepared the food for dinner tonight when you get to my house, sewed those loose buttons back on the shirts, windex-ed all the windows, dusted the furniture, did a little scrap-booking, used the hot glue gun to fix the place-mats the kids and I cross-stitched, went to water jazzercise, and vaccumed. What was the other items on my 'to do' list you gave me (remember, you said I had to have these 20 items done before you got back)? Oh yeah, just wanted to let you know that I have a manicure / pedicure appointment with Franz at 11AM, and you know how the two of us get soaked up in 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' gossip, so don't get mad at me if I don't pick up my phone on the first ring -- you know us silly boys!

Also, I'm going to the grocery store for some last minute items -- do you care if I spend $20 extra and pick up some Ding Dongs, Mountain Dew, and Corn Nuts?? I know it's splurging, but I'll work extra hard this week to pay it back.

I love you JayPo -- just as you are. You are not perfect -- just perfect for me. I love your heart, and I believe, with all my heart, that when God looks at you, He grins from ear to ear with a pride that only a Father can have. You are so beautiful to me -- inside and out. I truly am 'the luckiest'.

Wow -- I've never been called a 'Casanova' before -- is that good or bad?!?! Also, does Plano even have a 'ghetto'? I'll talk to the Zoning commission -- I don't remember approving that in the last bond election.

Love you gorgeous,


A friend said...

I just had to say...this is a prime example of what the feminist movement brought on. Women who "don't need a man and his money". It has nothing to do with growing up fortunate but everything to do with where your heart/mind is and how you deal with the roles women were meant to possess. Apparently she has been burned by a so called man before and felt she could take her anguish out on you. Or she's just jealous. Whatever her case may be, throwing someone's Christianity into is lame.

I love when she said "Most likely they didn't witness this show of pampering from their father toward their mother either." Obviously she sees the error in his ways so why can't she move on from that and find a man that isn't a low life? They're out there so stop wallowing in self pity.

While there is nothing wrong with having an education/career there is something wrong with the fact that she'd rather have a job to slave away to for the rest of her life than a man to provide for her.

I definitely didn't marry rich. It's not about that anyway. I did, however, marry a man that knows he is meant to be the head of the household and doesn't take that as an opportunity to be dominating but instead sees it as an opportunity to make the best decisions for us and to love and care of me as Christ loves his church. Our country was based on these values and it got twisted by stupid women who think they can do it better. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

This is the last time I'll post on your blog, but I just have to respond to your friend.

My comments weren't about me. I went to school with Jen and grew up a lot like her; I was nominated to my class Homecoming court; I've never had trouble getting a man; I married a fabulous man who treats me very well. I've been burned by a man, but what woman hasn't? I have no jealousy towards Jen, although I knew someone would bring that up. Why is it that you're jealous because you have a different opinion?

My point in commenting was to bring a different perspective, and it seems that a different perspective is not only not wanted but not tolerated. It seems to me it would be easier to get people to appreciate your opinion if you welcomed theirs - even if they disagree. You'll never get another person to understand your opinion if you tell them to stop listening to what you have to say simply because they disagree with you and give you a different perspective.

"Friend," you can call me lame for bringing up Christianity, but it's the truth. Personally, I think it's people like you who give Christians a bad name. You just called me and women with my views "stupid" because we have a different opinion than you. I go to church and I read the same Bible you do, but I'm "stupid" and "jealous" and must have had a bad father and couldn't possibly find anyone other than a low life man simply because I gave a different opinion. It's good to get out of your personal bubble and realize that not everyone lives the same way you do, but apparently you have a problem with someone bringing up that fact. What is so wrong with a woman who either wants to or has to work to add income to her family? For some families, that is the only way they can make ends meet. In the world I live in not every man is independently wealthy. I'm fine with the fact that my husband isn't wealthy, because he has a much more honorable profession than most people will ever know. I'm happy to earn an income to contribute to our income so we can have a better life than we'd have on one income. Is that really so awful in your eyes? Am I really a monster, butch, feminazi bringing about the end of civilization in your eyes?! Look around at church next Sunday, "friend," because you'll see alot of women just like me. And I'm sure those same women will have their car doors opened by their husbands when leaving church, just like me.

Listen, it's Jen's blog...she can rant and rave and say what she wants, but don't be surprised when someone calls into question her integrity as a Christian for her choice of words. There are much better ways to get your point across than making yourself seem like an ungrateful, narrow-minded, spoiled "princess." I hardly think Jake would say a woman is ugly, butch, can't get a man, and needs to get over not being nominated to the Homecoming court in high school simply because she has what some people consider "feminist views."

Whether you like it or not, people don't measure your Christianity by the person you are in church or the person you are to the people you deem worthy of your time and attention. The words you put out for all to see and read and how you react to "strangers" with different opinions is how people will view you as a Christian.

JPO said...

Dear Anonymous-

I gladly welcome your views and told you in my first response that I completely saw your perspective. My response to you was to clear up that chivarly to me, had nothing to do with money. Yet, that's all you seem to keep bringing up.

Listen Anonymous, I am fully aware of my struggle with my walk with the Lord. And you are right, Jake would probably never say those things. He is amazing. But, he would also never attack someone's character, at their core; like you have done to me.

Most of the things you said above I do NOT disagree with. Never said that I did. If I had to work 3 jobs to support my family I WOULD. However,I would still allow my husband to be the head of the household. I would not find myself greater than him because I worked. THAT'S IT. That is all I am attempting to convey. Was I crude, rude and sociably unacceptable in my delivery? Yes. I know, couth is not my greatest quality. But, please don't attack my character because I have inappropriate humor.

I will absolutely take your words into consideration regarding your last paragraph. You are correct and if I paint myself in a negative light...that is something I will need to address.

However, it is clear that your issue isn't really with the topic but rather with me. So, let me make this short and sweet and apologize for offending you in anyway. I hope you will accept.

JPO said...

I would also like to Thank you Anonymous for making this the second highest viewed day on my Blog.

You were beat out by the blog about Blair getting married which proves people just love controversy. Would you like to make this a weekly thing? I could say something inappropriate, you could respond and then we can fight about it?

If I get a deal to sell my blog to Showtime for a made for T.V. movie, I'll give you 10%. What do you say??

Anonymous said...

Is "Anonymous" really a so called "Christian" is she is actively accusing everyone that they aren't, or "give Christians a bad name"? Honey, look inside at yourself, God is the only one that can judge Jen on anything! I wonder what he thinks of you for questioning one of his children's views. You have an opinion, but my gosh you are stuffing it down peoples throats! So I say to you, look around at church and see how many women, "like yourself" that question other people's Christianity. You kind of took her blog a step further, and congrats, cause Jen is sooo sweet enough to share her movie winnings with you!


Anonymous said...

I think you and anonymous both make some valid points, however, if you want people to take your opinion more seriously you shouldn’t portray yourself as spoiled conceited brat. I’m sure you are a good person, but why would you sacrifice your “character” to make a funny story and then get mad when people call you out on it?

Anonymous said...
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JPO said...

Infamous "Anonymous" is not so annoymous anymore. I know who you are and have deleted you from my friend on facebook. Truly disapointed to discover it was you, but 'ce la vie'....that is life.

Anyways,to all; general rule of thumb. Don't read the blog of someone you don't like. If you think I'm a shitty person, why read up on my blog?

I am a work in progress...and Jesus loves me! :)

And Anonymous, I do love you too. Truly...think you are a cute, fun person....just don't appriciate the character attacks.

Take care.

Little Leach said...

Whoa! What in the world happened while I was gone??? I think you should reveal anonymous... but you're so nice you'll never say who it is. Wow.

Jonna Wolfford said...

I went to high school with Jennifer.. and came across her blog looking through facebook. I have found it to be funny. I also like the honesty she has. With that said, I'm going to attack her since she left that door open. :) Jk. I looked through these comments in astounishment. I haven't talked to her in years, but I'm amazed that the second she gave leg room to insult her.. the people that took the opportunity. It's her blog. She's a nice girl and really don't say anything outlandish.. especially to have several people jump on her.
Also, about her past relationship. It's hers to talk about. It's her blog. And if anyone.. "accidentally" stumbled across it and it messed up their world.. then thats the price to be paid.
With that said, Hello Jennifer, it's been years! I hope everyone realized this is your place to right and quit taking such easy jabs at you. Seriously. :)

Jonna said...

PS. Please make fun of me for submitting something before rereading and spell checking :)