Friday, June 26, 2009


I've been thinking a lot today about the concept of remembering someone once they are out of your life. When no more memories can be created and all you have left to cling to is the past; what do you choose to remember and what do you choose to forget? Do the memories you hold onto define the person you are recollecting or do they define who you really are?

Forget turning on a radio, television or pulling up an Internet site without finding the story on Michael Jackson. I have rolled my eyes over and over again today as I've heard person after person 'honor' the memory of Michael Jackson. As I listened to the radio d.j. on my lunch break, weep about the legacy of M.J. and the tragedy of his death, I nearly threw up in my mouth.

I boiled as I thought how screwed up it is to live in a World that cries over the loss of a child molester all because we love singing "Billy Jean" at the top of our drunken lungs at wedding receptions and tacky 80's dance clubs. Do these D.J.'s and country bumpkin callers from Wylie,Texas even know the affects his selfishness and sickness will have indefinitely on those children's lives? Maybe because I've seen the results of child molestation I am more sensitive but, does it seem fair that we praise his life and yet shun a President that didn't lead a nation up to 'our standards'? How is it that society can remember only the good and forget all the terrible actions for some people and not for others? It made me sick, disgusted and left me feeling sorry for those simple-minded people who lacked intelligence. Then it hit me....I'm the one who is wrong. I am the one with the ugly heart.

Here I am, expecting you all to look at the good in me and not to remember my faults. To stand up for me and attack those who attack me......"Poor, pitiful Jennifer. Just trying to tell her story but, is constantly hounded by these hurtful people who are cruel and mean"..

How am I being any different with Michael Jackson? None of us deserve Grace from God, but guess what??? He gives it to us anyways!! Calming down, taking a breath and giving a little grace is the right thing to do, especially from a person who is constantly asking for grace to be extended. I think when we realize that we are not the judge, our lives become a lot easier.

People come in and out of our lives everyday. We lose loved ones we never thought we would lose and we gain people, we never thought we would gain. But, what we choose to remember about someone doesn't define defines US.

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Shayla said...

How true. I am realizing this more and more every day. If you want you can read my blog about my 30 day challenge to read the Bible and actually listen to what God is telling me through it.