Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is that a Rat or a Hair Extention?

One of my hair extensions fell out in the hallway at work today. The worst part about it was I didn't even notice the chunk of my hair missing and continued walking, leaving the evidence that I am NOT a natural beauty behind me. Lying in the middle of the hall looking like an anorexic rat or maybe the loss of some weave left behind in a mall parking lot from two black girls duking it out over their baby daddies, was my hair extension. The humiliation killed me. I actually died. They had a funeral for me and giant elaborate floral arrangements in the shape of a heart. Tears fell onto my coffin as people loudly wept, "If we had only known her hair was fake!".

Anyways, so that was my embarrassing moment of the day. Do I have any readers that can top it? If I wasn't already dead I would bet my life on it that no one can beat it.


Karen said...

Oh holy cow, I love your blog. How do you know me? Oh, you dont. I'm one of those "people" that have never met you that stumble upon your blog and read all the details of your life. Blog stalker is the term I think. ;) Seriously though, I found your blog thru Melissa Grimes blog... who I found through my sister, who quasi knew her / knew of her from DBU. Why the heck am I reading blog after blog entry on your site? Because you have the perfect mix of sarcasim and REALness that I love! Seriously, write a book! My sister and I both will buy it. Then we will wait in line to have you autograph it... all the while convincing you we arent crazy people.
Out of all entries I chose this one to comment on and introduce myself. Ha!
I am the queen of embarassing situations. I'm not sure if it's because I secretly love the attention, or if this is God's way of telling me that I too say too many "thats what she said" jokes.
While in College and working at a car dealership I had to use the ladies room because a certain "friend" was visiting me for usual "monthly visit". I decided to make this as inconspicous as I could and put a tampon in the waist band of my pants. (how obvious is it when a girl takes her purse to the restroom) Anyways, as I'm walking I hear a salesman holler out. 'Something just fell out of your pant leg!" Oh sh*T! Yep, there was my plastic pearl tampon in it's perfect little package sitting in the middle of the showroom floor! :( I too died. A funeral was held, speeches were given, and flower arrangements were laid upon my coffin with a note that said "something just fell out of your pant leg"...."thats what she said!"

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