Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Brother Is Watching

No, I have not been on some luxurious vacation sipping mijitos and being fanned by a young Puerto Rican man in a speedo. It's not even necessarily writer's block that has kept me from my weekly blogging ritual. In fact, it's the dreaded day I knew eventually would come. The day my office, got smart and blocked the Internet. Oh the horror! How the heck am I suppose to get on with my daily routines and work procedures without being able to google the weird rash that has just popped up on my foot or knowing what Perez Hilton thinks about Britney Spears before I start processing people's payroll (joking).

All joking aside, yes my office has now blocked any and all decently fun Internet sites. Truly, I was not really an abuser of the Internet before this occurred. I would check my facebook once or twice daily as well as a few other things periodically throughout the day, but I actually have work to do during the day that required me to not devote my day to checking every one's facebook status to see who was eating what for lunch and why they hate their job, fifteen thousand bible verses, a few quotes from a book I probably said I read in high school and someone telling me about how much they love their husband. As riveting as every one's life and status is, I actually had work to do. Never the less, it was always nice around 2:30 in the afternoon to take a quick little 15 minute breather for mindless Internet searches. I would personally like to thank the guy who watched the entire Tiger Wood's golf tournament via his computer at work and was stupid enough to do it on the shared network which allowed all of IT and their mommas to see it. Now, dang it, people are actually having to earn the payroll I process.

I would catch you up on my life lately but it seems awfully narcissistic. As if, you really care how my casserole turned out tonight that I prepared for the kids and how sweet they were as they held their nose while they ate the side of green beans I have yet to master even though the directions are basically 1.) open the can 2.) put it in a pot 3.) heat and serve. I think I'm missing something because tonight it tasted like green rubber. Nor do you care that I had my very first cold sore in my life and I went and got a prescription filled for it and noticed the male pharmacist looking at my uncomfortably when I picked up my prescription. Unbeknown st to me at the time, (I learned this only after I googled the name of the prescription) the medicine was mainly used for Genital Herpes. Nice. My local pharmacist now thinks I'm infected with a STD--which I'm NOT people, let me just clarify that. Needless to say, the medicine did work and my cold sore went away allowing my vanity to once again sail full force.

other than that life is good. I will try to find the time to do a little more blogging and get back in the groove of playing my violins for my small audience behind the computer screen. Until next time...

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Kellen said...

I've had a pharmacy run in like yours. It wasn't for me, but my baby brother. He was prescribed medicine for genital warts to deal with a wart on his toe.

And on the green beans, you have to season them or they taste like nothing or maybe rubber. I use beef boullion.