Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't you want us to bond?

Mark's daughter, although only 10 has a lot more in common with her daddy's girlfriend than one would think. This is something we have discovered over the past year (my one year anniversary with them in Halloween). We both love Hannah Montanna, Sour Patch kids, shopping at Justice, using puppy-dog eyes to get whatever we want out of Mark, fake crying, pulling pranks, wrapping houses and PUPPIES!

I took Julia for a little girl time on Saturday afternoon, while the boys went to play a little football and decided we would go to my favorite place, The Pet Store. I thought I was bad about dogs, but Julia is way worse.

"Call Daddy and ask him if I can have this puppy", Julia said as I rolled my eyes and thought in your dreams girlfrand but tried anyways.

"DON'T YOU DARE BRING ANOTHER SMALL DOG INTO MY HOUSE", Mark told me, then texts me, then called me back to make sure I heard him clearly the first time.

My only advice to Julia was, "Well, maybe if you pretend like you still believe in Santa, you can ask him for it and then your dad will be trapped". She's contemplating it, but if you remember be 10, it's like sooooo last year to believe in Santa!