Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Contributing to Thanksgiving

Although, I still throw temper tantrums, love watching the Disney channel and obsess over my American Girl doll...I am an adult--like, a full-blown adult who's old enough to start acting like one.... big sigh.

One thing southern adult women do is cook. After the engagement, I vowed not to make the same mistakes twice. One of those mistakes being, never cooking for your family. I've also realized that cooking Sponge Bob Square Pants Mac and Cheese with chopped up weenies does not count as cooking. Nor does going to Central Market, buying the pre-cooked food and transfering it to your own dishes....not that I ever did such a thing--that Chicken Cordon Blue was made from stratch!

With my new outlook on cooking, this past weekend I attempted a Buttermilk Pie. After I made an idiot of myself by asking everyone in the grocery store where I could buy Lemon Zest (if you are as ignorant as I am when it comes to anything domestic, Lemon Zest isn't something you buy,it's something you DO), I went home and tried to "zest" a lemon. Well, guess what, I have NO friggin idea how to zest a lemon, nor do I own a lemon zester or could even tell you where to buy one. That being said,I just improvised and peeled the lemon and stuck it in the pie. Mark was so polite and ate it anyways, dicreatly pulling out the large and painfully bitter lemon peels from each bite that he took.

I want to be a southern cook, just like my mom and grandmothers. I want to fatten up my men with my thick and mind-blowing gravy. I want to fry a pork-chop and know how to make a casserole...I don't even care what kind of cassserole it is, I just want to say, "Hi honey, today I made you a delicous casserole". Doesn't that sound soooo domestic running off of your tongue? I'm even going to buy an apron and when we are married I'll be wearing ONLY the apr....okay, maybe that's TMI. But, what do men like more that food and sex? It will be a Deadly combination.

Although I am quite enthused about my future as a gormet chef, I do not know how to prove to my family that I have moved on from the "bring plates and napkins" kid to the "why don't you throw together one of your delicious dishes" adult. Once again, for Thanksgiving this year I have been told to bring something that required ZERO cooking skills. When you are told to bring some wine, does your family think "Well, she can't cook, but she drinks. We'll just have her bring something in her element"?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


JakePorter said...

Wow, Jenn... Mom told ME to bring something baked. Hmm...

angelareid said...

I have a buttermilk pie recipe that doesn't require lemon zest. I don't do lemon zest either, so I'll be glad to share it with you if you'd like! I go for simplicity with my cooking. I have no idea about gormet!