Friday, November 6, 2009

The Smoke Alarm only went off once!

While the cats away, the mice will play!

Mark left his precious goods in my hands and trusted me for a night alone with the kiddies. Although there was one point where I contimplated slipping some lithium into my diet coke, the night was an over-all success.

If I could give advice to anyone that is coming into a relationship where kids are involved it would be: Show them that you love them; that you are their friend and that you aren't as boring as dry toast. Listen, I'm not stupid....happy kids = happy dad. Happy Dad= Happy Jen.

The kids and I indulged in ice cream, chicken fingers, more icecream, halloween candy and stayed up 35 minutes past bedtime! I was the cat's meow last night! The three of us and the two dogs all slept in the same bed. (I'm still recuperating from loosing my pillow and being kicked in the ovary one too many times from the kid beside me doing back flips in his sleep). I have made a mental note that this is a dog too many in the bed, nevertheless, they absolutely loved the slumber party in Dad's bed and I secretly loved it too.

This morning I woke up bright and early, got a shower before the kids woke up and realized that Mitch takes longer to get ready than I do. His grooming regime made me start to sweat as he told me repeatedly that I was doing his hair wrong. But, finally he gave me the thumbs up and made it to the school with stomachs full of donuts, hair styled correctly and all homework done. I'm actually quite proud of myself!

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Little Leach said...

great job!!! i bet they just ate it up!