Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Veteran I Love

The Veteran I love is a man who covers his accomplishments with overralls. He has lived a life and seen things so few have seen or will ever see, but you wouldn't know it. He's lived in the same little town he was born in, yet before I was ever born, flew planes over enemy lines in Germany.

The Veteran I love is a simple man. He takes two, maybe three naps a day; loves his wife's cookin and his favorite time of day is sitting on his front porch drinking coffee in the afternoon.

The Veteran I love probably has never read Tolstoy, Aristotle or Alighieri. He's never eaten Sushi or enjoyed a movie other than "Pig Skin Parade" and "Old Yeller". He is not cultured or eloquent in his words. But, if it wasn't for him our cultural freedoms would be much different.

The Veteran I love is my grandfather, my Pop. A World Ward II hero who fought bravely for our freedom. A man who may not remeber where he placed his glasses, but remember's every friend he lost and every friend he saved.

Thank you Pop, for your brave sacrifice. For fighting for freedom and for displaying bravery. You are a Veteran I love and a Veteran I am so proud of.

This day is for you and all who have so bravely served. I love you!


Mom said...

Very well put, my Jennifer.

Kellen said...

Good post, Jennifer! Very sweet. I am grateful for (your) Pop and men like him, too.

Amber Rawlings said...

oh im gonna repost this