Friday, December 18, 2009

Pass the Pepto

Through this wedding planning process I have found that I can actually be thrifty, especially when I'm spending my own personal money. I wanted a designer dress but I didn't want to fork out a semester of Julia's future college tuition on it, so I bought a sample dress and took it to be fitted. I assured the seamstress during my dress fitting that I would be loosing at least 5 pounds before the wedding as I told her to "pull it tighter" while I gasped for air. She looked a little uneasy, but did as she was told to prevent the rise of bridezilla.

All that to say, I have NOT lost 5 lbs....I've gained it. Now I know why Spring is the peak wedding season and not winter. Like a bear, prepping for hibernation I have been busy stuffing my face and adding an extra layer of blubber over my bones. To prove that I'm NOT exaggerating, which I NEVER do on here, by the way, I have included everything I have eaten today below:

-A Hersey kiss mold in the shape of a mouse (I have some strange co-workers).
-A cup of non-alcoholic (dang it) egg-nog
-A piece of meat with mayo rolled around a pickle (like I said...strange co-workers)
-Bean Dip
-Cheese Ball
-Cheddar Pop-corn....4 servings
-A Salad (had to throw a little health in there)
-Ranch Dressing covering my once healthy salad
-Another cup of egg-nog (still no alcohol)
-Carmel Popcorn
-A slice of Pecan Pie

I feel disgusting. I know 6lb 8 oz baby Jesus didn't invisioned us celebrating his birth by committing the sin of gultony.


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