Friday, December 11, 2009

Wicked Stepmom

As a child one of my all time favorite movies was "Cinderella". Disney captured my attention and all children alike, in the life of the beautiful girl who was mistreated by her "wicked stepmother". Lady Tremaine, the step-mother of Cinderella, never laid a hand on her, yet her psychological abuse left Cinderella in such despair, her only hope was to find a Prince Charming to rescue her.

Snow White, another Disney favorite has a similar villain, The Queen (a.k.a. Snow White's Evil Step-mother). The Queen, out of jealousy towards her step-daughter's beauty, attempts to kill Snow White by poisoning an apple. Doomed to a fate of eternal sleep, Snow White is only saved by her Prince Charming.

THANKS A LOT DISNEY. You have inadvertently subconsciously instilled a fear of step-mom's into my future step-children's minds which has now lead me to fear that my kid's will fear me because of the fear you made the princess' feel in your feel good movie that's not suppose to make kid's fearful(Pop Quiz: How many x's did I use the word fear?).

Now, I know that J and M love me and are excited about me becoming their step-mom, but hypothetically if I have to send Julia to her room (which, would never happen now, but I was once a teenage girl and I'm already shaking in my Spanx over those few years) will she believe that I am the evil-stepmom that has locked her in the tower of the castle? When I bring her her dinner with sliced apples on the side, will she suspect that I poisoned them and flush them down the toilet. Will she look as Huck and think of the cat, Lucifer from "Cinderella"?

As much as I love Disney, they have put a very negative image on Step-mom's. I guess I will just have to spend the next 50 + years proving to Mitch and Julia that Disney SO got this one wrong and that THIS step-mom is going to rock the socks off of my role in their lives. Yes, I will fail them and myself but unlike the storybooks we've all read, they will never need to fear me or doubt my love for them. I will prove to them that life isn't always a fairy tale and that sometimes...IT'S SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!


KelsNotChels said...

I've had a handful of step parents, and trust me, you'll be a great one.


Kellen said...

Most Disney movies and tv series have weird family situations that are unrealistic. Some of them have a missing parent that is never mentioned or an older sibling raising the younger. I think what kids watch plays a role in the development of a child's view of family, and usually Disney isn't the best in that role. Just my opinion.

Mark G. said...

I find it ironic that Disney movies never have a mother - where's the mom in the following movies?:

1. Cinderella
2. Little Mermaid
3. Beauty & the Beast
4. Alladin
5. Finding Nemo (killed off)
6. Snow White -- okay, in Snow White she's shipped away by her parents....
7. Sleeping Beauty -- ditto - see number 6 above...
8. Pinnochio.
9. Hannah Montana TV show.

Do you see a trend? Wonder if dearly departed ol' Walt had a problem with his Momma (and, to Jennifer's blog subject, a problem with stepmother's too?!?!)

angelareid said...

Add to that list: Lilo, Pocahontas, Max from the Goofy Movie, Pollyanna, Tarzan, Mowgli from the Jungle Book, Pete from Pete's Dragon, and not only Aladdin, but Jasmine as well.

I've noticed this irony myself! Something is definitely up here.