Friday, January 22, 2010

7 Days

One week from today, I'll be rolled up and squeezed into a beautiful white dress(yes, white. who says you can't wear white on the second marriage? your grandma did? well,shut it grandma, this is my parade!) and marrying the man of my dreams --and every divorced Plano/Frisco mom in her mid-thirtys who's mouth would water at the sight of him. yeah, I'm watching you.

If you haven't notice I've taken a break from the good ole' blog this week in order to clear my mind to write the most important piece I've written to date--my vows. No not vowels, as in A,E,I,O,U (this one's for you Swann!). Oh, and Y. We must not leave out the Y, Shirly Grammer would be so proud of me. But, my vowels, I mean VOWS to my wonderful Mark! Although, I cannont share them with you now, as I want them to be a surprise on our wedding day. I do vow to you that I will post our vows on the blog after the wedding so you can feel like you were a part of our day, too!

I'm getting super excited to be, Mrs. Jennifer Gardner. Is it just me or it that a terribly hard last name. I still get confused as to whether is GarNer or GardENer or GarDner. And to answer the question that I'm sure is going off in your mind right about now: Yes, my mother did drop me several times as a child.

On a serious note, please be praying for Mark and I this next week as we prepare to embark upon this crazy little thing called love and marriage. We are so very excited and I personally cannot wait to be his wife.

XOXO. Love you all!


Anonymous said...

I know you will be the most beatuiful bride ever. This grandma thinks it is perfectly ok for you to wear white.

Lauren Zantop said...

I'm super happy for you! I hope you have an amazing day on your wedding day and have many amazing days to follow. Congratulations and I cant wait to see pictures!! :-)

Katie said...

You wear white girl, and you wear it with PRIDE (and a little bit of sass) :)

Congrats (prematurely) and PUHLEASE post pics!!!