Monday, January 18, 2010

Chick Flicks

I sold my couch on Craig's List for $100 to a guy who reeked of pot, kitty litter and lilac febreeze; that's how much it sucked. My dining room table went to a large woman who showed up to my apartment in a KIA rio with 4 runny-nosed screaming children and a sprained ankle. She brought no help, except her eldest son who was all of 8 years old and paid me the last five of the hundred and fifty dollars in quarters. I focused in on all of my inner Wonder Woman strength and managed to drag the table down the flight of stairs to the KIA rio that of course the table and four chairs didn't fit in, but I had my $145 dollars cash and five dollars worth of quarters in my pocked and told the lady she was on her own. Hours later when I returned she and the table were gone, so she either phoned a friend, asked the audience or there was a blue KIA rio driving down the North Dallas Tollway with a dinning room table set strapped to the top of it.

All this to say, I didn't have much to move into Mark's place. No offense to my ex-husband, but I got screwed in the division of assets. It was my own fault, I had this crazy thing called guilt that made me believe giving him everything would make it all okay. There are very few things that I moved into Mark's that are of any value. The few items I have deep pride in are: 1.) My lime green Le Creuset pots. They are practically brand new (due to my lack of cooking) so they are still REAL purty. 2.) My pink Kitchen Aid Mixer that Mark refuses to allow me to set on the counter top A.) because it's pink B.) because it's pink. And last but not least 3.)My DVD collection.

Mark and I love to snuggle up and watch movies and I was all too excited to have something new and exciting to contribute in the household. I mean, who wouldn't be thrilled to have "Notting Hill" and many other of Julia Robert's timeless masterpieces at their fingertips? Much to my surprise, the fiancee wasn't as enthused about the collection as I would have thought.

"This is the movie collection of a sad, overweight single chick" said my oh so sweet punkin.

So now, my net worth is now solely wrapped around an un-used set of pots and a pink kitchen aid mixer.


Joel said...

Mark is getting YOU. Now that is a prized asset.

JPO said...


I love you! For all of you who are thinking, "Who's this Joel guy and why is Jennifer telling him that she loves him?". He's my step-grandfather and he's biased. But that's what grandparent's are for!


Katie said...

Oh honey you stand your ground and hold on to that collection. It comes in handy when the hubs has to work late, is out of town for work, or is in another room watching a football/baseball/basketball/sports center that you are not at all interested in. A chick flick and a glass of wine is, in my opinion, a perfect evening. Especially if you can get your husb to join in (with lots of bribery and whining of course ...)