Friday, February 26, 2010

Huckleberry Finn

Ever heard the saying, "I'll be your huckleberry"? Maybe if you watched the movie Tombstone...or have eaten one of their yummy oven-baked pizzas (you mean they aren't affiliated? Beats me!) Anyways, the expression means, "I'm the right man for the job". Lucky for me, I have my very own Huckleberry.....he goes by the name Hucky-bear. He's really handsome- beautiful soft skin, dark hazel eyes, super suave and very snuggly.

Okay, okay, MAYBE he's my dog. But this is not just ANY dog, people. This is like the greatest dog EVER. My little side-kick, bad-A, Jen OBSESSED, feels like a shammy, pees like a Race Horse, eats like an Elephant, snuggles like a teddy bear, tries to suffocate Mark with his face, makes love to innocent objects such as pillows, Julia's teddy bear or a stranger's leg, 7 lbs of yummy wonderfulness type of dog.

Mark is going to roll his eyes as soon as he sees this post, but I don't care! Huck makes me happy when I'm having really poopy days....unless he poops on me and that's never fun. I love you Hucky-bear. Thanks for always being "my huckleberry".


Kimberly said...

oh he is so sweet!!! I love my dog also! would be lost without him.

Mark G said...

uh...are we talking about the same dog? What about your other two dogs (Harley and Tucker)? Are you playing favorites? Bad Mommy!!

I'll try to post a picture on here of every piece of furniture, clothing, body part, pillow, towel, sheet, neighborhood child, curtain, carpet, flooring, paper, laptop, fine china, casserole, minister, or any other inanimate object that the loving "Hucky-bear" has so lovingly wet with his wonderful, uhh, pee. That's why you call him your "Huckleberry Finn" -- I can him satanic beastmaster, "Pee-Willy", the "Pee-meister" -- or other things I can't post on here. I think Huck think's his name is "DANGIT!!" when he's around me.

But alas, I love you so I'm trying hard to love the love of your life -- your bowel-challenged 'other man' in your life. Isn't it enough that I have to compete with Edward Cullen? Now I have to compete with a dog too? How many men in your life can you have? One's dead and cold and a blood-sucking vampire, the other small, hairy and pee's a lot, and then there's me? (sidenote: I hope you never describe me like either of these descriptions!!).

Katie said...

LOOOVEEE little Hucky-bear!!! HOW did he break his leg!?!? Um, cause Koda did that too when he was like 6 mo. old. Worst thing EVER. He's presh and BULIEVE me I know how you feel about your dog ... I mean, mine's not spoiled in the LEAST ;)

Miss Kriss said...

Sweeeeeet puppy!! Awwww. :)

But, ummm, can I just tell you that I think that your hubby's post may be the funniest thing ever?!

You guys are adorable! :)

kswann said...

THAT's MY Hucky bear!!! SOOOOO the man in your life fo sho!!! Jeter is KING in our house too and when he hollas, everybody better jump!!! i know I DO! Handsome man! (I know Mark really had something to do with Huck's leg too)....