Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Step-kids RoCk!

My stepkids ROCK because:

1.) They are really cute. Not just kinda cute, not even "cute cute", but Stinky Cute! Everyone looks at them and says, "They are sooo beautiful" and I'm like, "yeah, you WISH you were me".

2.) They are sweet. Too sweet. Like so sweet, that they give me sloppy morning breath kisses. Sweet, that they welcomed me into their lives with open arms and loved me because their Daddy loved me. Sweet, that on Mitch's Valentine's Day card to me he wrote: "I'm SO happy I have a Step-mom".

3.) They're crazy. You'd swear I birth them. So crazy that this morning for breakfast I took them to a Donut Shop before school and we played, "Who can fit the most donut holes in their mouth a once" game. Mitch won; he got 3 1/2 in.

4.) They're smart. TOO smart. So smart, that they're already asking me questions and getting the response, "Ummmmm, well,, Go ask your mom!".

5.) They Love Jesus. And that makes me happy.


JakePorter said...

I agree: Mitch and Julia are beautiful inside and out! Love you all!

Mom said...

I am so totally in agreement with you on this! This may be your best blog yet. I am so hooked on Mitch and Julia I am already into the grandmother thing. I can't wait to give them their autographed copies of Gordan Gorman's latest novels. Mitch and Julia do rock!