Monday, February 22, 2010

Spiritual or Menstrual?

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you enjoyed hearing from my loving husband, Buckethead. Yes, he's a bit long winded but his humor is one of the things I fell in love with. And, I'm not sure if you could tell or not but, he kinda of loves A LOT. And if you couldn't tell, just let me know and I'll make him get on here and type I LOVE MY WIFE - In all caps-a zillion times. And that will be this weeks post. Side note, I don't mind that he makes fun of my love for "Full house", or the fact that I get mad for weird and crazy reasons because I'll just make fun of his love for leather-bound books or hot green tea! Just teasing. You know I love you, Buckethead! And I love our age difference. You take care of me now, I'll take care of you when you ninety OR hire a really hot nurse to take care of you. Either way, you'll be old and happy and that's what counts!

So today I decided to come into work with the "right frame of mind". Not sure really what that means or entails but I decided to go with it. I signed onto the computer and got in the ZONE. Turned on my I-pod and decided to listen to my Christian Music playlist to help ease any aggression or agitation I might be feeling from a day in the office after being out of town on business for half the week before. As I listened to the first song, I felt my eyes start to swell with tears and was overcome with emotion for the love of my Lord. But then the next song came on, and it happened again. "Wow", I thought, "I must really have the spirit of the Lord working in me today". After the 4 or 5th song, I started to think, "Okay, something must be wrong". I went through the list of possibilities:

  • I did something REALLY wrong and the Lord is trying to convict me.
  • I did something REALLY good and Jesus just wants to hang out with me while I type up this termination notice.
  • I have a foreign object in my eye and I think I'm crying but really my eye is doing a natural cleanse and rinse for my irritated eyeball.


I'm menstrual. Yep, that's it. I figured it out by looking at the calendar and A-ha! I have a visitor coming to town this week and I think it had something to do with the cry fest at my desk this morning. Oh well. So maybe I didn't have a burning bush moment this morning, but at least it prevented me from going all karate kid on some of my co-workers.


Terri said...

Jen - i still am so sad for everything you had to go thru with the church that "must not be named". keep writing like you do. it is so real. and thanks for stepping in the church that "must not be named" for my baby shower. p.s. - you are GORGEOUS! you get prettier every day. NOT FAIR!

JPO said...

Thanks Terri for your friendship! I meant what I said in that I'm so thankful that through that church I found friendships, like yours.

I'm still struggling on whether or not to repost the blog. I just didn't want to give off the wrong impression that I am angry or bitter towards them, because I'm not. Ya know?

Love ya