Monday, February 8, 2010

Yes, Some May Call Me a Braggart

But, I can't help it. At least I'm bragging about HIM and not me. (Although he did marry me which means I must truly be kinda sorta freakin fantastic.

First day back working slaving away at the chain gang and look what Prince Charming sends to me? heart kind of melted.


Flores Family... said...

so stinkin sweet! love it! you deserve it! xoxo

Katie said...

Um. That's adorable. Is it bad if I send this post in a link to my husband? Yes? Kidding. Kind of.

Congrats on all the happy cuteness!

mindy~ree said...

SO SWEET!! I haven't forgotten about you! I promise I will have a sneak peek of wedding pictures for you as soon as I possibly can! I've been working on going through them and trying to decide which ones to edit and send you first! Soon I hope ;) Thanks for not bad mouthing me on the blog about how it has been over a week since your wedding and you've seen nothing from your photographer!!! ;) I have a list working and will be getting them to you soon!