Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Bad Case of the "Want"s

Every morning I wake up warm and cozy under my new bedding, next to the hottie of a husband I have (yes, I think he's hot even when he's snoring and drooling). Usually, I sashay into my closet where I pick out something to wear. My closet it filled with clothes, mainly piled up on the floor but some actually neatly hanging. I picking my garment of choice, I get ready in the first bathroom I've ever had that's big enough to roller skate in (don't think I haven't thought about it). I feed the three cutest dogs on the planet, which happen to be mine, go figure! On Tuesday and Friday mornings I kiss the two cutest kids on the planet, which also happen to be mine. My husband brings me a Diet Coke on the rocks and makes me 4 strips of bacon if I please (with a side of pancakes.....and eggs). If it's Wednesday, I lay out a check for the maid to clean up the unavoidable mess I have made this week. I open the door and enter the garage, where my car is nice and safe and not under a portico at an apartment complex. I crank the car and turn on the heat which works perfectly and almost instantly. As I drive to a job I have maintained for the past 4 years and avoided every lay off the company has had, I look down at my hand and see the beautiful ring my husband gave me. I am a blessed woman. Who could ask for more??? see, I can explain! I would be happy if ONLY I could have........

What is wrong with me, people?!? Two years ago, I moved into a 550 square foot apartment, with basically no furniture and a ghetto neighbor who had a strange obsession with calling me his "shorty". I was in debt due to the high price of divorce, a student loan and a therapy I like to call shopping. My nights consisted of lean cuisines, playing with my dog and watching movies, since I couldn't afford cable. (I mean who doesn't have cable? Yes, it was THAT bad). Now, I live in the most amazing home, debt free, with the most amazing husband and I not only have cable, I have Satellite and MOVIE CHANNELS. That's right, I am big pimpin now. I didn't tell you I have movie channels to make you jealous, although I am sure that is inevitably the exact reaction it gave you, I tell you I have movie channels to say, I'VE GOT IT GOOD BABY.

Soooo, why oh why oh WHY, do I have a bad case of the "Wants". I am CONSTANTLY saying "I Want". I say that more than my teenage cousin says the word "Like", and that is, like, an UNBELIEVABLE amount. Like, anyways I am totally tripping on why I'm not satisfied when I have so much more than I've ever had. Not just in Earthly possessions, but like in everything.

Here are a few of the "I wants" on my list:


Honestly, I don't NEED a new car. My car works just fine. Sure, the fanciest thing on it is it's automatic windows, but it's a good car that only has ohhh, 10 to 15 dings on it from me backing into the garage door, a ladder, side swiping the chick fil a drive thru trash can, a curb, etc, etc. Despite me knowing in my mind, that I do not NEED a new car, boy do I want a new car.


I'm not sure if anyone else knows what I'm worth, but BOY I SURE THINK I DO. I make great money and have a good job but I'm constantly wanting more....I bet if I was standing in the unemployment line with my bean and cheese burrito from Taco Bell and getting dirty looks because I'm holding a purse with little LV's all over it, I wouldn't have this attitude of WANT.

And last, but not least.....drum roll, please.


I've been married one month, I repeat, ONE MONTH and I already have baby fever. I dream babies. Every baby I see, I want. My friend, Melissa is having a baby and she sent me a link to look at the baby bedding she chose, and I stayed on the website....FOR 45 freaking minutes! Doing what, you may ask...Picking out MY BABY, bedding. Uhhhh, hello, Earth to Jennifer, YOU DON'T HAVE A BABY! This obsession has gotten so out of control, my husband has now made a rule. No baby talk for ONE YEAR.

One year? Like a whole year, or a year ago from last summer? ONE WHOLE YEAR. Okay, Okay, I get it but, not trying to be rude, but your getting kinda.....cough....old.....cough. ONE WHOLE YEAR. Okay, I understand, but just to clarify, do you mean a year until we BIRTH a child, because if that's the case then we need to get pregnant in a couple of months. ONE WHOLE YEAR. Oh, that's not what you meant? Okay, just making sure!

So, I've been shot down on the baby thing, even though I tried to convince him that I would need a new car if I got a new baby.....he laughed and said, Sure. Dang it, he knows me too well! My focus this week, it do get rid of the "I wants" and focus on being thankful for the "I haves". You can bet your bottom dollar, that in ONE YEAR.....the "I wants" will be starting up again.


Grimes Life said...

oh jen i just LOVE YOU to pieces! I can't wait for you to get that fabulous car one day, but I REALLY REALLY can't wait for you to be a mommy! It's truly the best gift in the world! You can totally wait a year! Thanks for helping me with the bedding, GIRLS ARE SO MUCH FUN!!!! :)

Grimes Life said...

oh jen i just LOVE YOU to pieces! I can't wait for you to get that fabulous car one day, but I REALLY REALLY can't wait for you to be a mommy! It's truly the best gift in the world! You can totally wait a year! Thanks for helping me with the bedding, GIRLS ARE SO MUCH FUN!!!! :)

Katie said...

oh honey - BELIEVE me when i say i completely understand. we will have been married 5 years this april and i've been begging my mister for a baby since year three (ok, let's be honest, year 1 1/2) and we're JUST NOW on the track to be trying here pretty soon. hang in there! it'll be here before you know it :)

kswann said...

JPO- we can help a lil with the small wants?? Let's go get CUTE baby bedding for Hucky bear!!!! XOXO

wetherell said...

This post made me die laughing..... You for sure need a baby. Praise Jesus for my healthy 9 month old...but it is funny how I even find myself wanting another one not in a year or so BUT NOW.... so I think i am going to follow your lead and be GREATFUL!
You are so sweet and I sure do miss you friend!