Friday, March 5, 2010

Favorite Fridays

Did you know there is this whole secret world of Blogging Buddies??? Women who connect with each other and obsess over each other's lives and they don't even know each other outside the blogging world? This is new to me and I kinda sorta, weirdly enough, like it!

I started my blog a year and half ago as a diary of sorts. Throughout my life I have begun to keep a diary about, oh 5,342 times and yet never made it past the 4th entry. It's funny, if you look back into my Hope Chest (it's a Southern thing for those of you who don't understand....your momma basically gives you a wooden trunk, you put it at the end of your bed and stuff all your hopes and dreams in it), you will see a Diary I started in 7th grade. The first entry is about how I lied at a slumber party about starting my period and everyone found out I was lying and I was soooo embarrassed. If I could only talk to my 12 year old self now, I would tell her.....honey, never again in this life will you EVER think a period is exciting....unless you miss a birth control pill and your just not ready for a will be exciting THEN...but never again after that.

So, back to the point and off the subject of the menstrual cycle. The blog gave me accountability, if you will, to keep up with writing down my thoughts and feelings post divorce. But, now I've realized that Blogging is ALSO social networking. And you are suppose to have these topics that rhyme with the days and provide's very confusing and makes me nervous. Alas, I must keep up with the times and therefore, I subjecting myself into the blogging world, by using "A Girl in Pearl and A Boy with Toys" blog topic (I don't know this girl who's wearing pearls...I'm sure she is lovely and her pearls are very nice and real....otherwise I doubt her pearls would have been of importance enough to name your blog after it)

Okay, I'm drifting. and now I'm reeling myself back in. BACK TO TOPIC, again.

So her topic of this Friday's Favorite is: Favorite Romantic Comedy.

My favorite Romantic Comedy is, Notting Hill.

Three Reasons:

Love me some Hugh Grant, love me some Hugh Grant and finally, Love me some Hugh Grant. On a more serious note, this movie just pulls at my heart strings. Hugh's roommate in the movie Spike, reminds me of myself. My favorite line in the movie if from him, and I quote, "I knew a girl in school named Pandora....but I never got to see her box".

Secretly, also I always thought I would be famous and I would marry me a simpleton...Didn't happen but I still love the movie!


Jen said...

I've never seen this movie - but will have to check it out! Thanks for playing :)

Katie said...

LOVE that you played along! seriously the whole "i don't know you but i read your blog" thing was a little weird to me at first too, but now i LOVE it - i actually have a friend, who i text on a daily basis, that i have never met, lives in nashville, but she is the equivalent to me ... living in nashville. it's SO. MUCH. FUN.! :)