Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet Harley

I met Harley outside of Ikea. I went in for a cheap dresser that would take me 8 hours to put together but came home with this.

Yes, he has torn up the $1200 landscaping we just put in.  Yes, his poop is huge and the kids tend to forget to watch where they step.  But......

He's a little bit crazy....just like his momma.  I couldn't imagine our lives without him now. 

We are the proud owner of three amazing dogs, one alive frog and one frog that just died, a sugar glider and a partridge in a pear tree.


Kimberly said...

oh he is so cute. Was he lost outside of Ikea? I love dogs - they add so much to our lives!

Katie said...

omgoodness, i LOVE harley! was someone giving him away? what was WRONG with this person? their loss is your gain!!! :)