Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

"I never realized there were so many power lines"- I told Mark as we drove into my hometown on Friday night.

Happy Monday friends (and foe's for you people who curse my blog, hate my mis spelled and misused words and carry around a voodoo doll of me to poke in the jugular every time I have a grammatical error!)

This weekend me and the familia (yes, I am practicing my espanol) traveled down to my hometown to visit my relatives- all three hundred forty six of them. Well, maybe not that many but I do have a huge family that all live in the same small town. My family was so big and my town so small, when I would get asked out on a date in high school we would have to have a quick review of our family trees to make sure that we weren't going to end up "kissin cousins". Icky poo!

It's funny--the longer I'm away from MB(my hometown), the more I notice things I never noticed before. For example: MB is FILLED, I repeat, filled with power lines. Remember that commerical that place in the early 90's about never play around power lines. It's a cartoon that shows a kid flying his kite and it getting stuck in the power lines and the kid basically getting electrocuted? Why in the world was I afraid of leprechauns, monsters and my evil 2nd grade teacher and NOT power lines. I mean they are everywhere. My children will NEVER fly a kite in my parents home town. NEVER!

We really tried to make this trip about the kids since it's their spring break and wicked stepmommy spent all their Colorado Ski Trip money on a zillion fruity drinks served in coconuts on her honeymoon. So, they had to settle for going to Houston. Bad step-mommy! Bad step-mommy!

Our first stop was on the ride down to Houston. Yes, we are that white-trash in we find pure and utter bliss in stopping at Buckys. Never been to a Buckys? Oh, boy are you missing out! You can buy Beaver Pajama pants, buttermilk pie, tractor supplies and home decor all in this giant gas station. Sure, it's highly over priced and smells a bit like Pine Sol and formaldehyde but who cares?! It's BUCKYS.

After the thrilling trip to the gas station (ahhhh, it sounds SOO much worse than it really was). We took them down to Kemah and rode a few rides that (and I quote from Mitch) makes my boy-parts tickle! He's so cute, I could eat him but,we avoided that ride for the rest of the trip.

We then went out to my family's ranch where we had a good time, riding 4 wheelers, visiting with the family and having a shrimp boil. The kids wanted to play in the bonfire so bad, but we established a new rule this time that there was no playing in the fire, unless you were making smores. So I think all 20 people there were made about 13 smores a piece. I know smores mean you always want some more, but the nauseated looks on folks faces, told a different story. Thank goodness my dad installed that new septic tank (that for the toilets all you non-country folk).

On Sunday we once again had a marvelous meal prepared by all those fantastic cooks in my family who make me wonder if my brother was always telling me the truth when he claimed I was adopted. We sat on the back porch after lunch, talking, drinking coffee and watching Mitch and Mark play catch. Mark made a great impression on his new mother-in-law by throwing a pop fly basically at my mom which she almost would have avoided....had it not been for her left big toe. Yep, my new husband probably broke his MIL's toe. She is not as dramatic as her beloved daughter but she did manage to belt out as she was hopping around, holding her toe in pain, "Mark, why do you throw that ball so hard? He's ONLY a child!!". Poor Buckethead. I think it really bothered him. Last night, as we got in bed, after a few moments of silence he said, "Do you think I should sent your mom a card or something?"

Be watching for another blog from guest Blogger, my husband, Buckethead. I think this time I'm going to make him stay on a certain topic. Maybe one like, 50 reason's why my Wife is Hotter than Angelia Jolie. Something easy like that!

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