Friday, April 16, 2010

Confessions of a StepMom Part Deux

I am happy it's Friday. I have an extremely loud neon yellow shirt on, my hair smells AH-MAZ-ING (thanks to my new Biosilk Shampoo) and I feel like a bundle of medicated SUNSHINE! Aren't you glad I'm not having visions of forking someone like I did last Friday??
*if you didn't read the blog last Friday, "forking" sounds really dirty and kinky. but it's simply just stabbing someone with a biggie.

I'm skipping Five Fact Friday today because I have too many other things to tell you about and I'm realizing that I'm not really all that interesting and am running out of facts

First in foremost, I am vicariously reliving 5th grade through my step-daughter. What a hard age people, don't you remember? You still want to play with your Barbies yet you are starting to look at your Ken doll in a whole new light. Your voice suddenly transforms into one filled with sass, style, attitude and a lot of the word "like". You don't know what to wear to school or what style is going to define you (mine was Doc Martin shoes, Guess Jeans and boys polo shirts). You make new friends, you loose old ones. Your best friend will "go out" with the boy you liked first (though you don't go anywhere together except maybe, just maybe the lunch line) and life is just unfair! So, is this the age when a parents rebuttal is always, "because I said so!" ?

My step kids rock. Even as a coming into her own teenie bopper and a smelly food hoarding little boy, they are probably the best kids on this planet. They're funny, cute, loving and they remind me of their daddy. When they are with us, there is never a dull moment.

Last night at dinner, Mitch made this observation to me:

"Dad will probably die way before you do unless you get hit by a car or assassinated". can't ever say he isn't observant.

Another Step-mommy confession that is quite hard to confess: I am not always right. Let me clarify, I'm USUALLY right, but not always right. That being said, I got grumpy. YES GRUMPY. I couldn't help just happened. blame it on my monthly visit....blame it on bad pillows....blame it on the fact that we had been out of diet coke in our home for three days. THREE DAYS, people! What ever the cause for my grumpiness, I got grumpy for no real reason other than my own selfish grumpiness. Sigh. I wrote, "I will not get grumpy" 100x's on the chalk board.

No, that's not all I did wrong this week. Yes, it continues....I also taught my step-kids the word dingle berry and forced the kids to eat some beans last night that I truly regretted after the "reaction" it gave my sweet and then SMELLY kiddos.

Step-mommy goals of the week: Find news foods that are healthy that the kids will love; show my hubby how much I love him and love his kids; find a healthy balance of being in a parental role and being in a friend role; try better, be better and learn to laugh off the mistakes.

Have a great weekend, friends!


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