Friday, April 30, 2010

Five Fact Friday

Happy Friday, Blogosphere! Whilst Buckethead has been out of town for most of the week partying, gambling and boozing it up in Sin City on business, I had to "gird by loins" in preparation of a few days in full time parenthood. Not, that I don't get my fair share of parenthood every week with my two step-kids, but it's harder when Buckethead is not around.

Before you judge me and pray for me, listen folks, I'm married to SuperDad. Seriously, I'm not trying to fluff his feathers in saying this publicly for ALL THE WORLD TO HEAR because I, in the few days he's been gone have...spilt my blush in his Range Rover, attempted to make "stress balls" with Julia and got flour all over the kitchen and let the dogs get on the couch. No, none of these reasons among others like the fact that somehow I managed to break the downstairs A/C, bought a new pair of shoes and ate a whole wheel of cheese in front of the T.V., in my underwear watching the Real Housewives of New York. (Geeze, I guess I need that Buckethead around after all).

Despite the sucking up, he really is the World's Greatest Dad. He cooks, cleans, quizzes for spelling test, practices baseball, volleyball, football, allows his family to have three dogs, tucks you in really tight at night (yes I make him tuck me in, too) AND he runs a very successful sales team and provides for his family. Way to go, buckethead!

But, being married to SuperDad, makes Mediocre but trying really hard Step-mom feel like she's running a marathon in Stilettos, wearing a thong that's two sizes too small when she is SOLO in the parenting world. As I was running my marathon in my too tight panties, I had a great support team cheering me on. I was getting lots of calls from Buckethead checking in on me. His ex-wife/kid's mom/my friend was sending me text messages of encouragement and friendly suggestions. They were all so proud of me that I didn't catch the kids and the house on fire. I didn't even catch a dog on fire. It was great! And sure, my Solo Parenting was only....a night. BUT little steps people, little steps!

So, this installment of Five Fact Friday is a little different. Rather than hearing five random facts about me, your going to get five random facts I've learned from the kids in the past 24 hours. I hope you enjoy reading them almost as much as I enjoyed learning them.

1.) Justin Bieber is so hot right now.

2.) It's probably not a good idea to fill a balloon really full with flour and water and hope that it doesn't burst. Because, guess what? It burst.

3.) If you tell a kid they can have a snack after school but don't watch what they're eating, you might just walk into your living room to find your child holding the entire 2 gallon bucket of BlueBell in his lap, a candy necklace in one hand, a bag of Frito's in the other and a box of Goldfish empty on the floor.

4.) If a kid eats about 5 lbs of food for a snack after school, he's probably not going to eat his dinner even if he insisted that you go to a Pizza buffet. Also, if you go to a Pizza Buffet you will need to throw your diet out the window and drive home with your pants unbuttoned.

5.) If you let two kids and a dog sleep in the bed with you, you'll end up on the couch by 2 a.m.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm sure glad Buckethead comes home today and that my family will be here!



Brittany said...

New follower from friday follow. :)

Amie said...

OMG Jen! You have the BEST posts. I find it so interesting to read your posts as I am also divorced, but I have two kids of my own and am looking forward to becoming a step mom to a 8yr old girl! I too have finally met my mr. wonderful! Reading your stories really make me laugh! Thanks...