Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'll miss you Jack Bauer

Is it just me or does Jack Bauer even make Chuck Norris look like a pussycat?

It's the last season of 24 and I'm starting to feel the pains of loosing this American Hero.

Jack inspired me to secretly practice my karate moves when I am alone in my garage and helped me perfect my scissor kick. With out Jack, I would have never learned my mad skillz. He has shown me how to protect myself when I am unarmed using only my surroundings. For example, If I ever got attached in my bathroom, I would simply fill a pillow case with bars of ivory soap and beat the crap out of someone. Thank you, Jack Bauer for all the insight.

Jack always spoke in a voice that was raspy and complex like Charlie Sheen yet calm and convincing like Jesus. (Well, I've never heard Jesus speak but I bet it was that good)

Although, you did not rescue President Hassan in enough time this week, I still love you Jack. Our country needs you Jack. I need you.


JakePorter said...

I am also feeling the pain of losing this hero. He's done so much for our nation... without the general public ever knowing the evil, horrific plots from which we've been delivered.

God bless you, Jack Bauer.

Mark Gardner said...

Jennifer, you and I both know that if a bad guy snuck up on you, rushed at you, or heck -- even texted you he was coming and then ran after you after first ringing the doorbell, announcing his presence, stopping to shave in the bathroom, and shouting at the top of the his lungs -- even then you freeze up, scream something ridiculous, and do a weird little shake and jump like a wet dog wiggling while standing on a hot stove. If all that didn't kill the bad guy from laughter, he'd be on you like chick on a june bug before you could say, "Jack Bauer."
The only person that ever get's scissor kicked is me -- either in the middle of the night or if I suggest we change the channel from "True Hollywood Stories: The Patrick Swayze Story."
Or when you scissor kick me -- like when I jump out from behind the dresser, scare you senseless, and fall on the floor laughing.

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Kelly's Lucky You said...

I only found him this year and he's leaving me!!! Even though I can get the dvd's from netflix and have Jack Marathons.... I'm still gonna miss him!

I have two shows on my dvr right now that I haven't watched, but I that's one show that I can't multi-task. I have to concentrate and get drawn in...

Hey, I'm a new follower from Friday Follow, I hope you'll stop by and follow me back-

Looking forward to reading more about you and your family (your stepkids sound cool)