Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is Facebook the Root of All Evil?

Is it just me or is there a constant cloud of drama hanging over Facebook? Do most of the arguments you get into start with, "I saw on Facebook that you've been....."?

I'm truly beginning to wonder if facebook is the Devil's mistress here on Earth. If Facebook was created in the pits of hell rather than a college dorm room. I've heard of people loosing friends, boyfriends, jobs and HUSBANDS due to the inner workings of this "social site" a.k.a. "festering pool of temptation".

Facebook is fun in a lot of ways....It's one less reason to call your friends on the actual telephone; you can join fun groups like, "I love Mac and Cheese"; you can brag to all your facebook friends by posting pictures of your latest dream vacation or your good looking kids; you can show that person in high school that would always turn you down how damn good you look now. It's fantastic.

But, oh how Facebook can be Satan in disguise. Things get twisted and turned around; people begin hating you for your political opinions; you begin to feel left out if you weren't included in a fun outing that you see the posted pictures of; people of the opposite sex seek you out; you unwillingly have to know the every move of that one fb friend who updates their status every few minutes even when it's "I'm now brushing my teeth".

I mean seriously? I don't want to know if your brushing your teeth, scratching your butt, taking out the trash or taking a poop! I don't care!

Too, often times have you asked your spouse, "Why did you say you 'like' Sally's post?" Is it because you like her??!

Or, why don't you update your relationship to include me? Are you ashamed of our relationship?

Today, I accidentally hurt a dear friend's feelings on facebook. I was so sad that this happened, but what I was most sad about was I had no idea what I did. Immediately, I hopped onto my facebook (which is conveniently located on my phone because, God forbid we go a second without getting our Facebook News Feed updates) to try and figure out what I had done wrong. Nothing, nada. I couldn't find it. After a few phone calls and further searching, BINGO. I found it. I totally see how it could have hurt my sweet friend's feelings. Not because what I said was mean or ill-willed but because it's typed and when something is typed you have no idea what a person's demeanor, feelings or meaning is behind it. It was not meant to hurt anyone just simply to make a joke about myself. But, what did it do? Instead, it hurt someone I love.

Sometimes I miss the good ole' days of MYSPACE, where bands constantly asked you to hear their music and you would search all Saturday morning for the perfect Profile background and Song List.


Katie said...

i kinda miss myspace too. but then i felt like the girl that still played with barbies at 15 (and believe me, i know what that feels like, because i did) when i still had my myspace and felt pressure to delete it. i think it's a very good thing that my mister doesn't have fb. he's highly anti fb.

Jenn said...

Popping in from New Friend Friday. Hope you don't mind if I take a look around!

Louise said...

Deleted my Facebook account and it's the best thing I have ever done .... Hello to proper living!