Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vitamin Dreams, Bloopers and High School Musical

I am so happy it's tuesday. monday did not meet nor exceed the expectations i had for it. monday had so much potential. monday could have been sunny and cheery instead of busy and full of errors. i told monday yesterday as i was putting it to bed, how disappointed i was in it's behavior. monday got a pow-pow (this is a spanking in our household) and put in time out but still did not turn it's bad behavior around. monday looked at me confused and asked what exactly he had done wrong. i thought monday would never ask.

first and foremost, monday....do you see something wrong with this picture?

Yes, I had 50 invitations printed yesterday. Lets play Where's Waldo and see if you can't find the error.....Yes, it says 2000 and freakin 9 on it. thanks a lot monday.

monday looked a me and said, "Well, that's YOUR fault, not mine. That's what you get for trying to multi-task". so i said, yeah well....your a cootie queen! (It was the best that I could do in the moment).

And then, I rebutted....well, what about making the shuffle on my ipod loudly play the theme to High School musical just as our new executive walked into my office to ask me something?

*This was an incredibly awkward moment to be asked if I completed an important report just as teenie bopper voices echo loudly through my office about winning the high school basketball game and getting a first kiss outside the locker room. I swear I'm good at my job!

monday chuckled in an evil tone and said, "at least it wasn't Justin Beber, Hannah Montana or the sound track to Beauty in the Beast which is ALSO on your ipod playlist....don't deny it".

monday better be glad it gets a second chance next week. i'll let you know how it goes.

on another note, I've started taking some vita-vita vegamin. It's for my "hair", but a girl can dream right?

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Katie said...

um, we have the same songs in our iPod it seems ...

and prenatals? are you SURE you're taking it for your hair ;)