Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up (a day late)

Sometimes....just sometimes...I feel like there needs to be a little less talk and a lot more action...I mean PICTURES.  Especially when I ask one of my best friends, hey did you read my blog the other day?  And her response is,, I didn't.  But it's because all you do is write and I like to look at pictures.

Immediately after I thought, you dumb blonde.  the only thing you've ever read all the way through is the menu to Chili' dawned on me; maybe I do have a few storybook readers that could quite possibly find my ramblings a bit long and....a-hem, cough boring.

So this is a photo-documentation of my weekend.  The random ramblings will be few and far in least that's my goal.

Our first stop in the photo-weekend train is Date Night.  Don't even think about it ladies....he's mine.

 Call me Martha Stewart, this woman can GARDEN!  (with the help of buckethead, of course)

We had sports games and when we finished......

And we'll end the weekend with Harley because he's cool and can lick his own butt. 


kswann said...

uuuhhhh...didn't you have dinner with a few of your BESTIES!!!! Just throwing it out there, you can throw back if you want? xoxo

Katie said...

holy xanadu. i L-O-V-E-D that movie when i was a kid. please tell me you actually saw it?

and i kinda love harley and his adorable long ears!

JPO said...

kswann-yes BUT we didn't take pictures....what a suprise with our crew. :) And go press the follow button so you can be cool, too.