Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy "White Folks Pig Out on Mexican Food" Day!

Buenos Dias, mi amigos!

Happy Cinco de Mayo (not to be confused with "Sinko de Mayo", the day we remember the large ship that sunk off the coast of Mexico in 1805 carrying a massive amount of Mayonnaise....that was so sad. I love mayonnaise. Our thoughts will be with you today Hellmans).

I keep on forcing these political fingers of mine to not use this day to congratulate the state of Arizona for taking a stand on....oh, I don't know,making people abide by the law? No, I will NOT go there. I will not say anything controversial in hopes that I don't get slammed on here (funny thing is, usually it's someone who slams me in "the name of the Lord" that a contradiction?). Instead I will be mindless and appealing to all (except maybe the Baptist...well, you can't win em' all) and talk about how much I love margaritas. Hola. Mi nombre es Jennifer and I am a margaritaholic.

Tonight, I will sip on two, maybe three a frozen margarita with salt on the rim and celebrate the day all white folks eat too much Mexican food, drink too much tequila and dress up in sombreros and ponchos.


Katie said...

ugh. i hatechou. have 4, maybe 5 in honor of your preggo friend who would cut off her left arm to be able to have a margarita (or 3) tonight. happy cinco de mayo!

and i agree on arizona. 100%. but i still want to be able to speak spanish :)

Sole Matters said...

hahahaha im baptist! so funny. ;) cheers!

Faithful Mali said...

Right before I read your post, I was telling my hubby that after work I am going home to make a big blender full of Strawberry Margaritas. Even though I have no idea what Cinco de Mayo is celebrating, if its celebrated with a margarita it can't be bad- right?

furygirl3132 said...

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Missie said...

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Olson Family said...

I share your love of the margarita. Probably won't have any more kids just so I don't have to go 9 months without one. Is that bad? :)