Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My T.V. Life

Just moments after Jack Bauer walked out of my life forever, in walked Ally for the new Season of "The Bachelorette". Because I'm pathetic like this, I will spend the next 8 weeks obessing over this reality show; a reality in where a guy who makes 30k yearly will be able to pursue Ally with Hellicopter rides, fine dining and lots of hottub action surrounded by a camera crew. If not's not an accurate portrayal of dating, then I don't know what is!

If I were Ally, I would fire my wardrobe consultant because her dress made her look like Liza Minnelli after eating a pan of Canollis. It was an awful selection. It made Lady Gaga look like she was dressed in Channel. And was her hair green?If I recall correctly, Ally made fun of Veinna last season for having hair extensions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there was about 5 packs of a Swedish woman's hair fused into that head of hers.

Although I found Ally rude and winy last season, I'm willing to give her another chance for no other reason than I need a new show to cling to. The withdraw of 24 and Modern Family is still fresh. My wounds need time to heal. So, given the situation, I'm moving on in forgiveness towards Ally. She better not piss me off though, or I'll have to go all Chuck Norris on her ass.

Just a thought, if ABC really wants to boost ratings, they should have Kate Gosslin be the next Bachelorette. How stinking fantastic of a train wreck would that be? I think I'm on to something....

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purseblogger said...

Kate Gosslin? Hmm, could work. I never saw her show so all I've seen of her on TV is on DWTS and I wasn't too impressed. LOL
Ok, catch me up o Aly's history. Why did she leave The Bachelor last season? What was her dream job she chose over him?

Leah said...

hahahhaa oh my gosh, if kate was the next bachelorette, that'd be HILARIOUS. i think guys would voluntarily leave. you definitely should suggest it to ABC. ;)

lauren said...

OMGosh--yes! Totally agree on the dress (uugh) and I wondered about that hair! I thought she was much more attractive last season when she wasn't so "made up."
I'll be watching, too, and I look forward to your comments following the shows!!

Anonymous said...

The fake hair is so HORRIBLE. She isn't that cute, her laugh is phony and she is BORING. Ugh.