Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Shake Weight

So there you are, perched up on the couch watching one of your twenty six mindless T.V. shows and your glazed over eyes suddenly refocus as the commercials hit. Now, if you've been watching live T.V. at all, even Chuck Norris couldn't have stopped you from seeing the advertisement for the "Shake Weight". You know, the weight that after closely demonstrated by shirtless men makes you feel like you need to take a cold shower, go repent to a priest (even if you aren't catholic) and slowly makes you understand why some men have one forearm larger than the other.....yeah, that one. And don't act like you never notice the striking patterned resemblance of a "private time" activity.

Now, much to my surprise even my 9 yr old step-son has noticed this commercial:

Mitch: Dad, I know what I want for Christmas

Buckethead: What's that?

Mitch: The Shaker Weight. You know, the one on t.v.

Buckethead: Haha...why is that?

Mitch: Because I have GOT to get a girlfriend. I NEED a girlfriend.

Buckethead: Oh yeah, so the Shake Weight will get you a girlfriend?

Mitch: Yeah, in only 6 minutes a day, I can have huge muscles.

Buckethead: Okay, okay. I'll think about it.

Mitch: Well, can I have some AXE body wash too?

Buckethead: Ummmm....I guess so.

Mitch: Yeah, AXE body washed gets you all the hot ladies too.

At this point, should we be concerned???!!

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C:M:W said...

this is too cute!

Tara said...

hahahaha.. how funny! i saw that shake weight in target this weekend. the commercials for it are ridiculous! crack me up!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Hahaha!! Love it!

I want the Shake Weight. I mean if I can sit on the couch while watching trashy TV and skimming thru blogs AND lose weight...heck...I'm so there!

And Mitch is only 9 and wants a Shake Weight and Axe?!? Priceless!

Marjorie said...

My ex's 9 yr old son asked for Axe body spray. He'd carry it around in his backpack so he could smell studly for the ladies. Lol. I guess it's the age.