Monday, August 30, 2010

The Bunny

Buckethead rescued a baby bunny out of the pool. Immediately, I swept in and grabbed the bunny. I pet him, I loved him and I named him George. But, I called him Bunny for short.
We brought him in the house, wrapped him in a towel and watched the Little League World Series. China won--despite the fact that they're a communist country and their plastics can be toxic.
Bunny stayed with us for 30 minutes. We fell in love with each other. He loved me despite my inch long black roots and I loved him despite his little rabbit poop pellets but I knew I needed to get him back to his family. Have you ever read "Watership Down"? If you haven't, you just don't understand the "bunny community" like I do. So I did what was best and put him in the bushes in the front yard (far away from the pool) and sang my heart out to Elton John's "Circle of Life".

I cried.

That's the end of the bunny story.

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Katie said...

omg. i wouldn't have been able to let him go. not. at. all. you are a stronger woman than i. good luck to you sweet bunny! and thank goodness for you and buckethead rescuing him (ps - all animals are "hims" to me because my dog and fish, and now that i think about it CHILD on the way are all hims ...)!!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I would have kept the bunny! What's one more animal in bed with you and Buckethead?!

Angela said...

Oh my gosh! I never hear anyone speak of Watership Down! It was the nightmare I lived through in 6th grade English class. But then I'm not the animal lover that you are.

No, you are much sweeter and more loving than I. When my husband rescued a bunny from inside the chemical plant he works in and brought it home in a box, I couldn't wait until he decided to let it go. I should have thought of that "bunny community" thing at the time. Maybe my family wouldn't have thought I was so mean. ;)

Great story!

lauren said...

You are funny! ...and sweet! :)

Buckethead said...

Update. We thought we had chicken in the freezer and we didn't. Ate all the lunch-meat yesterday, and the canned tuna is old.
Suddenly bunny is missing. Buckethead full from fresh stew.
Remember: there's room for all God's creatures - right next to the mashed potatoes.

hotpants™ said...

The China comment cracked me up. I hope George is ok.

Design Apprentice said...

You and George looked great together. I bet he'd never experienced greater love. What did Buckethead think of all this? I can only imagine!