Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When I was a kid.... parents got the bright idea of allowing my brother and me to pick out new carpet for our bedrooms. For those of you who do not know my brother, as a child he was convinced that he was magic, his idol was David Copperfield and he wore multi-colored rayon shirts. Now he is a minister who still probably wears multi-colored rayon shirts and gets his magic from the Holy Ghost.

Much to my parent's surprise, my brother picked out blood red carpet and then proceeded to paint his wall's dark blue and spray paint gold stars on the wall. He then hung a black light form the ceiling, not to be trumped by the strobe light he also installed.


As an "imaginative" child who owned close to 300 Barbies and proceed to have hour long soap opera sessions during which my Barbies would make out with their step-brother and the limo driver, then due to the angst of the love triangle, jump off the balcony of the Barbie dream house to sudden death --I, of course chose pink carpet.

Originally, the pink carpet was wicked cool. Boasting about the new carpet, my friends would lust after my pink Berber as they loathed the beige carpet they were destined. At 7 years old, I had the coolest carpet in the whole school. Mind you, when I hit middle school and I was stuck with pink carpet, I began to question my initial choice in flooring.

Never the less, it has become increasingly evident that my parent's gave my brother and me a huge advantage over many kids today. They gave us choices. They let us get creative and make decisions for ourselves. Will I let my own children pick out their carpet? Probably not. But that's beside the point. I never said I was going to be as good of a parent as mine were.

Thanks for the carpet, Mom!

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Jess said...

We were always allowed to pick out our own clothes (oh, ew), our own hair (dear LORD was that a bad idea), and the paint color for our rooms.

I had purple Doc Martens, a skater haircut, and blue walls with dark blue trim. All completely hideous choices. But they were mine.

I hope to do the same for my kids. *shudder*

Mom said...

You are welcome, sweet Jennifer.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Pink carpet?! I would have loved it too ... although my parents were the boring beige people! No fun!

Design Apprentice said...
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Design Apprentice said...

I would have been in Barbie Heaven. I too shared these same dramatic soap operas with Barbie and her gang. I'd still kill for that broad's wardrobe.

This reminds me of how the inspirational man behind "The Last Lecture", Randy Pausch, talks about his parents letting him decorate his room and encouraging other parents to let their children explore their imaginations. It helped him explore his uber intelligent dreams.

Basically this carpet may have aided in your imagination and in doing so, those strong literary skills for you and Mensa skills for your brother.

And to think, I was stuck with plan ol' beige.

Becca Christensen said...

Ha ha, sounds like your parents were pretty awesome. I grew up in neutral houses styled like Pottery Barn catalogs. But now that I have my own on. : ]