Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Women Who Shaped Me

Happy "Birthday Month" to my Mom and my Grandmother.

These two women are amazing. Seriously, I'm not just saying that so my Grandmother will STILL send her adult grandchild a $100 on my birthday (which she still does) or so my mom will take me out for a pedicure then instruct the poor Chinese man on the proper way to clean out the foot whirl pool (which will occur, no doubt). No, although those are nice bonuses, their fabulosity goes well beyond that.

One thing I love about my mom, besides the fact that she is insanely gorgeous and looks like she has botox without having botox (fingers crossed for that gene) is she will always speak her mind. Grant it, it's not always fun to hear but I cherish the fact that I have such a Godly influence that isn't afraid to tell me the truth. For instance, she has no problem calling me, briefly asking me how my day was, followed by telling me how entirely inappropriate my blog posting was and how I need to remember "your entire hometown church reads that blog". She also tells me when my cleavage is distracting, when my skirt is too short and when I need to shave my armpits. But mainly, she gives great advice. She has been a wonderful wife to my father for over 30 years. Her wisdom in marriage advice is so rare and I am beyond blessed to have a mother who showed her daughter the true example of a Godly wife and mother.

My Grandmother. Wowzer. She makes cooking look sexy--she's hot. Not. Even. Kidding. I am her number one fan. I can truly sit here and tell you that my Grandmother is one of my best friends. She has probably sacrificed for our family more than anyone else. This is something I never really discovered until adulthood. She has shown dignity and grace in difficult situations and is the definition of a true lady. She also makes a mean pot of Chicken and Dumplings, kicks my butt at weight lifting and don't think her butt doesn't look great in her Lucky jeans.

I am so thankful to God to have these women who cover me with love and prayer. I love you both. Happy Birthday!

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Ams said...

I love this post!! Happy Birthday month to both beautiful ladies :)

Charbelle said...

Wow y'all are all so beautiful!!! Happy Birthday to the special ladies in your life!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

How sweet JPo! :)

Laura said...

very sweet! your remarks of your grandma makes me think of mine, i'm tearing up over hear! lol... happy weekend and happy birthday to your family!

we hate you. love, us said...

What a sweet post! Reading it made me think of my mom and I got a little misty eyed :)