Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guest Post

Good morning!

I guest blogged for Aly over at her super cute blog, Analyze This. Check it out. I promise to be back on the blog circuit soon; you know I can't go too long without talking about myself.

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Britt said...

You are hilarious and your post was so true! Your newest follower and friend!

Neely said...

Ok very new follower because your post on Aly's blog made me spit out my morning latte I was laughing so hard..poor mac book never saw it coming. I live in Dallas too! I think your blog is amazing and I am currently reading every post haha

Mrs. Potts said...

Great post over there. You hit the nail on the head talking about how people we've never met can become true friends.

And if you ever write that you've locked yourself in a closet with a bottle of vodka, a bag of powdered donuts & a box full of your ex's pictures, I'd bring another bottle, grab a cheesecake & show you my ex's pictures.

Katie said...

loved your post. love your humor. can't wait to see you tomorrow night my "know who you are through friends of a friend" turned "blog friend" turned "real life friend" :)

and also, my word identification word is "dyingle" ... now that just makes me happy.

Anne said...

Loved your post over on Aly's blog and love reading through your posts here. I'm another new follower :)

Smiling is Good for your Teeth said...

I am a new follower from Analyze This! The post was great! Thank you for sharing!!!