Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Buckethead

Friday was Buckethead's birthday. When I asked him what he wanted as a gift he told me he wanted a pony.....or maybe it was a pony ride? That minor detail changes the gift entirely. Ya know what I'm sayin??! Since I found myself going back and forth on what exactly he asked for, I got him socks and underwear instead. Seriously, I bought Buckethead socks and underwear for his birthday. Then I jumped out of a giant cake.


See, not so boring anymore huh? Okay, so maybe that didn't happen. But we did have an amazing birthday weekend celebrating the man who melts my butter. I know I brag on BH probably more than I should and some of you may want to stick your finger down your throat when you read my blog, but I can't help it! I LOVE HIM!

I'm so thankful we were able to celebrate the man who puts his family before himself each and everyday. He knows how to love me and how to lead us as a family. We jump on the opportunity to show him how much he means to us...thus the socks and underwear purchase.
BH and I spent a romantic evening I planned at Stephan Pyles restaurant. It was obviously very fancy as you can tell by the sophisticated way they spelt Steven. I even made the reservations all by myself. Yes, I was proud of myself....I haven't done that since our first date!

We celebrated as a family at Bucca di Peppo where we went around the table and said what we loved about BH. Mitch told us he loved Mark because, "he was a great dresser and good at baseball".

Happy Birthday love of my life! I'm so proud of the man that you are and I think you're really hot, too!

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Jess said...

I think we ALL think he's hot. I think all the peeps in my reader have hot husbands. I need to go smack mine into doing crunches again. Sheesh.

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Becca Christensen said...

You two are one beautiful couple. Love the pics. Glad he had a good birthday. : ] Maybe the naked out of the cake thing can happen next here.


Aly @ Analyze This said...

Happy B-Day M!! :) Such a cutie!