Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gobble Gobble

As I sit here with a red indention that is quite possibly permanently embedded in the soft flesh of my stomach from the jeans that magically shrunk over the weekend, I am painfully regretting my final helping of pumpkin cake and gravy which I may or may not have poured on top of my cake as a taste pairing experiment.

It was good.

Speaking of gravy, did you know that giblet gravy has heart pieces in it? Well, at least that's how we do it down here in the South. We also have "dressing" instead of stuffing and we go to the Homecoming Dance with our third cousin as our date.

I digress.

Regardless, we had a great Thanksgiving weekend down at my folks ranch. My husband who hasn't shot a deer since before I was born (age joke) killed a deer. It's too distressing to even speak of it.

Well, I'm not technically speaking...I'm typing.

Disclaimer: PETA, ASPCA, and Pamela Anderson please note that all animals killed in the writing of this blog will be promptly used for sausage, chili and new leather pants. Please do not come to my place of work and throw red paint on me or my coon skin cap.

Anyways, in Buckethead's attempt to bring home the bacon...err....venison, he someone managed blow the tail off a yearling (young deer) in attempt to kill it's mother.

We will be mounting the tail on a Japanese cherry oak plaque and will be hang it next to the jar that holds my husband's foreskin from his circumcision 40 years ago.

That's a joke.

Anyways, we had a great weekend filled with food, family and laughing until our pants split. Although that might have been the dumplings.

I often hear people complain about how spending time with their family can be a chore. I am beyond blessed to be in a family where our time together is a complete blessing. I am so very thankful for having them in my life.

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Jess said...

Ew. Giblet gravy. Bleh. Hubs' family is from Alabama, so it's always dressing. Always. If I say 'stuffing' I get nasty looks.

Is your husband really that much older than you? Cause in the pics he SO doesn't look like it.

Tiffany said...

Cute pictures! Glad y'all had a great holiday! :)

HulaBuns said...

Great pictures! Happy Holidays! :)

Sandra said...

Loved this post! Loved the pics (you are gorgeous!)
And love the disclaimer most of all!...ya, take that Pam Anderson!

Candice Pair said...

Giblet gravy and dressing....gotta love the South! I spent Thanksgiving in Phoenix (I'm from Memphis) and they do "stuffing" there too, so I was a little worried. Luckily my mom was in charge of the "dressing", so we didn't miss out :)

Love the pics...that house is precious!!!

Sole Matters said...

you crack me up!! i sent you an invite to my blog last night :)

Becca Christensen said...

Love it! Glad you had a happy thanksgiving and your family is adorible. As are you. : ]


Ps: if you have time I'd like your fashion opinion on my New Years Eve ensemble - I posted a pic this morning on my blog.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

When do I get to become apart of the family??? I'm serious.

And that circumcision comment was so funny, yet so nasty. I wouldn't expect anything different from you my dear.