Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Prego Update: 18 weeks

Despite the lingering nausea; excessive vaginal discharges of question; constant bloating; severe constipation followed by room-clearing gas; back aches; woolly-mammoth belly; AND National Geographic nipples.....I'm actually really starting to enjoy this pregnancy. Seriously, I am!

The past week, I've actually transfered out of the "that lady is fat" stage to "that lady is pregnant" stage. Thank God! I was beginning to convince myself that (despite the sonograms and heartbeats) maybe I wasn't pregnant....maybe, I was just fat. But I'm not, I now look pregnant. Forget science, I just needed the belly. And I am loving the belly love. I know a lot of women are all "hands off my belly". Well, not me. Touch it. I know you want to. Touch me all you want. Rub this belly and rub it good.


CRAVINGS: Dill pickle chips, Mexican Food, Grapes, Indian Food

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