Monday, September 29, 2008

Easy Open my Arse

So Zyrtec this season came up with an "Easy Open" pill and I can't open it for the life of me! It is ridiculous! Is it just me or is this Easy Open harder than the regular zyrtec packaging??

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Washer and Dryer

I have been living on my own now since June and have yet to buy a washer and dryer. Call it procrastination, call it being broke, call it not having my priorities in line (new shirt OR a washing machine to wash that new shirt in??!) either way....I have been living with a huge pile of laundry in my room for months. Now, the pile has decreased at times when I bummed off of others, dragged a huge pile down to Mont Believeu for my mom and grandmother to wash or the one time I went to the laundry mat or "Lavendaria". That was a NIGHTMARE. The smell of dirty diapers, stinky feet, tacos and fabric softener is NOT a good combination! Not to mention I was the only person speaking English in the entire joint. Anyways, the washing machine situation has not really bothered me until a few weeks ago. I mean in the scheme of MY recent events....a laundry pile up is not the end of the world. I improvised....Ran out of underwear? - - Went to Target and bought some more. But I am ready to get my life in stop living like an alien in my own apartment. I'm ready to settle into my new life....and its been hard to do.
My parents are wonderful. Have I told you that? Well they are WONDERFUL. In so many ways. My entire family has been so supportive and loving to me during my darkest days. My brother....I could just squeeze him to death I love him so much. He is just the cutest baptist minister I think I've EVER seen! :) But anyways, these wonderful parents of mine have rescued me! They will be heading up to Dallas next week to visit AND to buy me a washing machine and dryer! WOO HOO! I'm so giddy! I never knew I could be so excited over appliances.

Okay I'm Gonna Do It this Time

The Queen of Procrastination is going to actually create a blog and..........stick with it! No seriously, I know you dont believe me, but it's true!! So here it is....starting tomorrow (only kidding). I am actually excited about this. Free therapy! I could either pay a quack to listen to me blab at $150 hourly or....I could spill out my problems on you--(You being my family, friends, aquaintences, internet stalker, next door neighbor who I believes spys on me through my window, ex-boyfriend who pretends not to look at my facebook or myspace page, people who thought I was a bitch in highschool (not going to lie, i probably was) and even strangers. Although Stranger, I must warn you I will not be all that own mother will probably not read my blog.

So I titled my blog "Crying over Spilled Milk" because I have decided that to be my motto for the next several months (if not years). I have had a relatively crappy year for those who do not know....I got a divorce, I was "homeless" (no not living on the street just no place to call my own), my job has been extremely unstable and there were times a questions my faith in the Lord (gasp...I know too horrible to mention, but that part DOES have a happy ending). I have spent the past year not fully processing my emmotions. Telling myself and others that I was okay. I've been living by the motto. "Don't cry over spilled milk. Just get up and go milk the cow again". Meaning don't dwell on the mess, focus on how to fix it. But I've decided....why shouldn't I cry over the spilled milk? Now, focusing on the fixing is huge but I think too many times we feel like we should just "move on and forget about the hurt or the 'mess' of the spilled milk. " Well truth is, my mess it still all around me. My dress is still soaked with 2% milk and the milk has leaked into the carpet.