Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family Summer Vacation: Texas Hill Country

With Dallas on its 24th consecutive day of triple digit temperatures, the Texas heat is finally starting to get to me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Texas. We are the inventors of Blue Bell Ice Cream, the Bush twins, the ten gallon hat and the best Mexican food illegal immigrants can provide. But my Texas pride is friggin melting! Never the less, when Vacation time rolled around, the family loaded up the car, I threw on a bikini and a pair of boots and headed south to the tropical paradise of.......Texas. Okay, so it's not Cancun, but we did go to the Texas Hill Country and had one boot-scootin hell of a time!

Gruene Hall- in Gruene Texas
The Oasis- Austin, TX

The Oasis- Austin, TX

The Oasis - Austin, TX

We also went to Shlitterbahn Water Park (World's Largest Waterpark) where I soaked in stranger's pee for 9 hours. Side note: I was dumped at Shiltterbahn one time for a pentecostal girl with no boobs in a one piece swimsuit but I digress. The next day we floated the Guadalupe River and exposed the kids to a little Texas "culture" a.k.a. drunk people blasting out songs such as "Those Oklahoma Boys Roll their Joints All Wrong" out of a cooler that is also a radio.

All in all, we had a great vacation. Davy Crockett couldn't have said it better: "You may all go to Hell, I'm going to TEXAS!"

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oops! I Did it Again!

Britney Concert with the Besties!

We got a Dallas Celebrity to take this picture of us! He was really put out when we walked up to him with a camera and didn't ask him to be in the picture! (We're so funny!)

I had to put my Britney shirt on at the end of the night! (Notice my shoes are now in my hands and off my feet).

See? I TOLD you I was best friends with Britney Spears!

Nose Bleeds? Who Cares!?

Yes, I will love Britney Spears Until the World Ends! Sure, she's gone through a few Womanizers who were Toxic which drove her Crazy but I don't care. Don't Hold it Against Me. When I first became a Britney fan, I was Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman but now that I'm all grown up all I can say is Gimme More Britney Spears! I am so Lucky to have gotten to see Britney progress and become Stronger through this Circus we call her life. So when her concert arrived Monday night in Dallas I knew I had to see her Baby, One More Time. Let's be real; Britney, I'm a Slave for You.

I have loved Britney for 14 years! I will never forget buying her very first single CD to "Baby One More Time". She has been a consistent to me through my life. Boyfriends, relationship, friendships have come and gone....but Britney is forever. Thank you Brit-Brit, once again for an amazing experience!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sugar Butt

Sunday, Buckethead and I volunteered at church to run a Toddler Sunday School. We ended up with 9 very quick, and rambuncous 2-3 year olds. We lost one. But then we found it. Luckily the lost toddler was just playing in the toliet. Aside from that, it pretty much went off without a hitch. Well, except for one tiny, little, itty-bity slip of the tongue.

Mind you, I'm not usually the one to stick my foot in my mouth. Mainly because I care too much about what other people think (strange, as I share my bowel movements with strangers via the internet).

So we're trying to get the kids to line up, and although we have their names tapped on their backs, at times there were still too many of the little rascals to remember. So this one little tyrant, umm, I mean angel was running out of the line and I call out to him using the name......


Sugar Butt? That sounds like a glittered stripper or possibly a name you call your husband (or Pimp) but a total stranger's toddler at CHURCH?? Yep, that's what I decided to call him. Sugar-Butt.

Let's just hope he's one of the few toddlers that, haven't been able to express themselves through words yet. Otherwise, I may be in line for a relatively mortifying call from the head of Children's Minstry.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not Guilty

I'm going to climbed up on my soap box for a minute (which is really hard after the burrito I had at lunch) and take a few moments to express my humble opinion about the Casey Anthony verdict. Sure, maybe I didn't go to law school and I don't have a fancy JD after my name. However, I have had several last names and I am an expert at the television network, Oxygen. A channel that survives off of re-runs of Forensic Files and Snapped--both shows about serial killers and convictions. Oh, and the Bad Girls Club, but I don't watch that one.....often.

Anyways, you may say I'm a little obsessed with crime theory thus I have been interested and slightly following the Casey Anthony Murder Trial. A few hours ago, Casey was found NOT Guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee. I'm not going to go into a large hypothesis theory or even say that I don't believe that she killed her daughter. Actually, I'm pretty sure she did.

BUT, did you hear what I just said....I'm PRETTY sure she did it. I think the Jury gave justice to this trial. Where was the concrete evidence? I couldn't find it and all I saw were clips from Nancy Grace and Fox News. I didn't sit for months in a court room going over the evidence, but twelve US citizens did. Twelve normal Americans, not a King or a Dictator. Those twelve citizens found her NOT guilty.

All over Facebook, my friends (whom I admire and respect their opinions) are saying Justice was not served. I beg to differ. You can't send a person to jail for life or even decades of their life if you are basing this on a hunch. The irony of the trial ending the day after Independence Day shows us in a hard way that we truly do live in the best country in the world and that we truly do have the best justice system in the world. Because, in our country everyone deserves a fair trial. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. And regardless if Casey is actually guilty, the verdict wasn't made on speculations, it had to be determined by facts, proven and convincing to a Jury of 12 peers.

Again, I can't say that Casey didn't kill her daughter. Honestly, I think she is guilty as the day is long but even if she isn't convicted here on this Earth, we have a God who is Just. Caylee will be justified if not in this lifetime, in the next.

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